7 Jawdropping Facts You Never Knew About Your BOOBS

Photo: weheartit

Ah, the boobs. The one body part that’s probably been discussed more often than any other. Yet, how well do we REALLY know them?

After reading this, you may feel that we don’t give them the credit they’re long overdue for. Yes, the breasts are a beautiful part of the body, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to … um, put them on show. But they’re also SUPER interesting.

These incredible facts are proof that your boobs are amazing in SO many different ways ...

1. One of these boobs is not like the other …

You probably have one boob that’s a little larger than the other or smaller, depending on how you look at life.

Having uneven breasts is totally NORMAL. In fact, basically everyone does. Women tend to have one boob that's larger than the other — it's usually the left one, but not always. The same is true with nipples — they aren't always identical.

2. They’re really mostly fat … uh, excuse me?!

Breasts are composed of fatty tissue and connective tissues that hold the breasts together and — of course — milk. The female breast can contain up to 25 milk glands that are connected to milk ducts and held together by the fatty tissue. A woman's breast size is determined by the amount of fat in the breast.

3. They weigh a LOT less than you’d think.

On average, breasts weigh a mere 1 to 2 pounds each. Crazy side fact — that's about 84 pounds less than the weight of the largest boobs in the world! The record for the world’s largest natural breasts goes to Annie Hawkins-Turner, also known as Norma Stitz. Her breasts weigh 85 pounds — each.

4. Perk up, moms! Breastfeeding isn't one of the factors that makes breasts sag.

Contrary to somewhat popular belief, breastfeeding has nothing to do with why breasts sag. Aging and changes in weight and hormones cause the loss of elasticity in breasts, making them sag more. In addition, bad habits such as, smoking, not drinking enough water, and not having enough support while you exercise can also cause the girls to lose some gravity.

5. Don’t let your ladies get burned … we’re speaking literally.

Yes, your breasts can get sunburned, too. Bathing suits can be made of a very thin fabric and hardly any SPF. Don't forget to include the girls in your mandatory pre-beach sunscreen application. Breasts can get sun damage just like the rest of the body, so they'll thank you for it later!

6. Breasts may be responsible for the creation of our ENTIRE solar system.

Well, according to Greek myth, at least. There is so much more to breasts than the sexual objects they have become associated with today. The history of breasts is an amazing one filled with rich stories—so amazing that it spans across centuries, continents, ethnicities, and even galaxies. In Greek mythology, it’s believed that the Milky Way was formed after Zeus's wife, Hera, breast-fed their son, Hercules. Zeus brought the baby to suckle on her milk while she was asleep, but Hera woke up and in her surprise, pushed the baby away. This caused the milk to spurt out and the drops created the Milky Way.

No wonder our boobs have so much milk! They created the Milky Way. No, just kidding. Then again, who knows? History can get pretty cray cray.

7. Breastfeeding equals Olympic athlete status.

The energy needed to breastfeed a baby is seriously insane. The metabolic energy used to breastfeed a baby each day is the same as walking seven miles. In other words-further proof how BADASS moms are.

So, remember ladies-your boobs are a triple threat. They’re sexy, smart, AND strong — just like you.