This Lady's Rainbow Kitty-Inspired Undercut Is #HAIRGOALS

Photo: instagram
Rainbow Kitty-Inspired Hairstyle

We've all seen the newest trends in colorfully-dyed hair: neon green hair, galaxy hair, rainbow hair, even glow-in-the-dark hair. And newest twist to add to the collection of fun and funky hairstyles? Rainbow cat hair. (Not to be mistaken with the regular rainbow hair.)

A woman named Katchika from Russia posted a photo on Instagram of her bright pink and blue-dyed hair with a hidden secret. Underneath that colorful mass is a fine undercut of a blue cat.

Check out how cool this is:

Photo: Instagram

According to Mashable, this style of "hair tattoos" isn't a "new" trend as everyone believes. These hair designs are already staple to black barbershops, a cultural art form, and their popularity grew in momentum due to social media. 

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Like art, it's definitely something we can appreciate, enjoy and celebrate.