9 Things To Know Before Dating The Girl Who's Always Single

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Things To Know Before Dating The Girl Who's Always Single

There are those people who are always in relationships (otherwise known as serial monogamists), and those who are the complete opposite (serial singles). When you're constantly single, getting into a serious relationship, or even dating, can be difficult.

But if you've landed yourself the always-single girl, here's what you need to know about dating her. Trust us, you'll want to know a thing or two before you make her yours.

1. She's her own person.

You aren't her other half; she's her own whole person. She doesn't need you to hold her hand when she crosses the street, she doesn't need you to buy her things just because she's interested in them, and she doesn't need you checking up on her every minute of the day.

But that doesn't mean she won't ever want you too  she's just used to doing everything on her own.


2. She has an incredible support system.

She hasn't had to focus her time on anyone specific, so she invests it into her friends and family. She always lends a hand when they need and is there for them, just like they are for her. By coming into her life you're added to her endless loving support system, but you aren't the base of it.

3. She's a passionate and dedicated person.

Being single has led her to so many amazing opportunities that she has been able to focus her time on. Whether it is work, a hobby, a sport, or something that just makes her happy, she has a passion for whatever "it" is.

You can't expect her to give it up now just because you're in her life. If you're in her life, it's because she wants you there so she will work on the balance and sharing her passion with you.


4. Her love was never limited.

She loves so much, even before you. She has her family and friends, co-workers and pets; even if it's not the romantic love, she was never limited. She loves her life and that fills her heart, but she will always make room for new love because love isn't limited.

5. She doesn't need to be saved.

She doesn't need you to swoop into her life and be her knight in shining armor. She has been on her own long enough to know how to do things for herself. Don't try to overpower her and treat her like she needs help with everything, because it won't turn out well in your favor.


6. She's worried about pushing you away.

She's had plenty of people come into her life and leave unannounced. She might have feelings about certain things that she will compress until she's more comfortable around you because she doesn't want to turn you off.

7. She understands relationships  the good, the bad and the ugly.

She might not have been in many relationships, but that doesn't mean she doesn't know anything about them. Her friends come to her for everything. She's seen her friends cry over their significant others cheating and she's seen her friends smile ear to ear over the nice thing their significant others did.

She's also seen her friends go through the unnecessary drama of relationships that should have been over months ago. Just because she isn't in her own relationships doesn't mean she doesn't understand what they should and shouldn't be like.


8. She enjoys her alone time.

She's used to spending time on her own. It's not a bad thing, it's just become her comfort. Don't take it personally if she wants to spend a night by herself  she just isn't used to being with someone all the time.

9. She doesn't want to rush things.

She knows too well what it feels like to have someone there, then before she knows it they're gone. She wants to make sure that she's ready for you, and you're ready for her. She might be hesitant at first, but if you're serious then she will start showing you her love.



This article was originally published at Thought Catalog. Reprinted with permission from the author.