7 Reasons Right-Handed People Are The BEST People To Love

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 Right-Handed People Are The BEST People To Love

A majority of the world (90 percent) is right-handed, but just because there's a lot of something doesn't mean it's not as good as something there's less of. Quantity doesn't mean always mean not-as-good. If you had a choice to hold on to the first dollar you ever earned or get bags full of cash, I'm guessing you'd take the bags.

Left-handed people are proud of their left-handedness, and I understand their fierce pride. Some things were designed with only right-handed individuals in mind, like can openers, guitars, and desks. In the past, people tried to force lefties to be right-handed even though it hurt them and crushed their spirit.

Most of the lefties I know embrace their differences and proudly tie their shoelaces in their special left-handed way, or show the ink stains they wear on their arms proudly.

So yes, lefties are awesome, creative, athletic and amazing, but that doesn't mean righties shouldn't get a little love, too. Righties may be the majority but we're just as unique and special as anybody else — we just haven't had the same kind of challenges as the southpaws.

I know so many creative people who are left-handed, I sometimes feel like I'm the one who isn't in the cool group. I might be right-handed but that doesn't mean I lean politically to the right or that I'm a know-it-all who considers everything I say as right.

Here are seven reasons you should consider dating a righty.

1. They're more verbally articulate.

The brain is split into two halves: the left and right cerebral hemispheres. They're equal but with few exceptions. In order to keep things interesting, the left half of the body is controlled by the right hemisphere and the left half of the brain controls the right half of the body. So if someone has a stroke on the right part of their brain, they're going to have symptoms on the left side of their body.

The left side controls speech and is responsible for language skills; therefore, righties can charm you, have a fascinating conversation with you, and if the situation calls for it, talk so dirty that you won't even need to be touched to have an orgasm. Righties give good talk.

2. They make more money.

According to a study published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives, lefties earn less money. They study says, "Lefties also have a 10 to 12 percent lower annual earnings than righties. A large fraction of this gap can be explained by [an] observed difference in cognitive skills and emotional or behavioral problems. Lefties work in more manually intensive occupations than do righties."

I'm not saying that someone with more money is a better person, but financial strain has been shown to cause not only stress, but physical pain. Relationships are challenging enough without money problems.

3. They have phenomenal problem-solving skills.

The left half of the brain is responsible for numeracy skills, which means that righties have the confidence and skill to use numbers and mathematical approaches in all aspects of life: at work, in practical everyday activities, at home and beyond.

People who are numerate are fantastic at processing information, solving problems, understand and explaining how things work, and making logical and reasonable decisions. Righties handle things, and they don't ignore problems so they get even larger.

4. They can easily adapt to any situation.

Righties are great at adjusting to new environment and are very self-sufficient. If you need to move to a foreign country, a righty will help you make the transition with ease. Righties are rule followers, which can be annoying when you want to do something spontaneous, but is plus when having to adapt to different customs, rules or environments. 

5. They're extremely creative.

Yes, lefties are largely known to be the creative genius types, but righties are creative in their own right. Lefties are amazing at abstract art that's full of emotion, whereas righties like to create more literal art such as film and photography. Righties also make great writers. It's good to have any type of creativity in your life, since it keeps things interesting and fun.

6. They avoid drama.

A study published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease found that lefties and the ambidextrous are more likely to experience negative emotions such as anger. Being involved with someone who's always in crisis and is hot-headed isn't for everyone, so if you like your relationships with less drama, a righty might be for you.

7. They're homebodies.

If your idea of a nice night is staying home with your honey watching Netflix, then a righty might be more suitable. One study found that there is a link between left-handedness and the frequency of alcohol consumption. If drinking isn't in your top five of fun things to do, then date a righty.

As left-brained people, righties have much to give the world and to those we love. There may be a lot of right-handed people in the world, but no matter which hand you may favor, we all deserve love for our unique gifts.

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