The 1st Episode Of Snoop's Planet Earth Series Is Here & It's INSANE

Snake vs. Squirrel narrated by Snoop ... what could be better?

Snoop Dogg YouTube

The world went crazy when it saw Snoop's "Plizzanet Earth" sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live. So much so that they made petitions for the former rapper to actually narrate on the nature show.

Now our dreams have come true because the first episode is here on Snoop's YouTube channel, Merry Jane and it's perfect.

The show is called "Planet Snoop" and on the episode he narrates a snake facing off with a squirrel. It's definitely a match-up most of us probably never would think we'd see, but Snoop puts his money on the squirrel. If you're an animal lover, then don't worry! Both animals seem to live at the end of their fight.


In case you missed it, this all got started when the rapper narrated a face-off between mongooses and a crocodile for Jimmy Kimmel. It did so well that more than 65,000 signed a petition to get him on the real show, Planet Earth.

It looks like instead of waiting for a call, he made the show himself.


The show already looks hilarious so it's hard to imagine it getting any better than this. But we can hope that more celebrities will co-host to make the web show even better.