This Gal Put POOP In Her PURSE B/C Her Date's Toilet Wouldn't Flush

Photo: Twitter
poop in purse

BRB rolling on the floor laughing.

What do you do when your picture perfect first date goes down the toilet — literally?

Twitter user @_blotty went on a date with a wonderful man she met at the grocery store. She handled the most embarrassing crisis of pooping in a stranger's toilet that doesn't flush.

@_blotty starts with a simple, but straight to the point introduction that this story involved poop.

The story continues to assure the reader that she was comfortable enough to do her business at a date's house, but it didn't quite go the way she planned. 

As you can see, she was quick to find a solution under such harrowing circumstances.

Even her sister got involved in the adventure.

The climax has us all at the edge of our seats! Is she ever going to rid herself of the poop in her purse?

Of course, it has a happy ending and a lesson for all.

All images: Buzzfeed

What an inspiring woman to show us that if she can survive making out with her date with a toilet paper-wrapped poop in her purse, we can survive anything.