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Woman Puts Poop In Her Purse Because Her Date's Toilet Wouldn't Flush

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Woman Puts Poop In Her Purse Because Her Date's Toilet Wouldn't Flush

What do you do when your picture perfect first date goes down the toilet — literally?

This is exactly what happened to Makela St. Fort in 2016 when she let the world in on what may just have been one of the most out-of-this-world, unbelievable scenarios to ever happen on a date.

Yet, her story absolutely took the Twitter world by storm and even went viral.

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St. Fort, also known by her Twitter user name @_blotty, went on a date with a wonderful man she had met at the grocery store. They went to his house, but when St. Fort had to use the restroom, she realized much to her horror, that the toilet was not flushing.

This is St. Fort's whole story and how she handled the most embarrassing crisis of pooping in a stranger's toilet that doesn't flush.

She starts off with a simple, but straight to the point introduction that this story will involve poop.

The story continues to assure the reader that she was comfortable enough to do her business at a date's house, but that it didn't quite go the way she had planned. That's when chaos ensued. 

As you can see, she was quick to find a solution under such harrowing circumstances and was able to power through the crisis at hand. At least there was toilet paper. Thank goodness for the small things. 

She then exited the bathroom and continued on with her date, all the while hiding an ominous secret in her purse.

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Even her sister got involved in the adventure. And she had some thoughts.

The climax had us all at the edge of our seats! Was she ever going to rid herself of the poop in her purse? Or would it be destined to haunt her forever? 

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Of course, it had a happy ending and a lesson for all.

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Twitter users couldn't get enough of St. Fort's riveting tale and, luckily, she was kind enough to provide an interview, where she gave the world some more insight into this adventure that had captivated us all. 

When asked why she would share such an embarrassing story with the whole universe, St. Fort responded, "Well, after it happened, I needed to tell somebody. I told my sister while it was happening, but I just needed to tell somebody [else]. So I told my friend Drew and he was like, 'This is so funny, you need to tweet it.' And I was like, 'Drew, come on.' And he was like, 'No, for real, people are going to think it’s so funny.' And I was like, 'Yeah, OK, I guess you’re right. Only my followers are gonna see it.' That’s what I thought."

And what happened to the date himself (we know that you're dying to find out as much as we are)?

"Here’s the funniest thing — he has my phone number and he did text me after, but he is probably the one person in the world who hasn’t seen it. Or if he has, he hasn’t told me he’s seen it. I remember seeing the story on so many websites and in eight languages I couldn’t read, it had gone so far. He just doesn’t know! It’s crazy because he’s a big Facebook user — which in itself is a problem — but people were sharing on Facebook a lot too."

St. Fort also made it crystal clear that she did not go on another date with him. 

And what about the haters, who thought that the whole thing was a sham? St Fort added, "I mean... why? Why would I want to be famous for a poop story? It’s not really the most flattering thing, the thing that makes me look the most intelligent or funny or interesting. It just kind of makes me seem crazy! And If I were going to try to become famous for anything, I’d make up some story about a wild, fun night where I seemed cool, not like I’m some loser basically doing the most embarrassing thing ever."

Luckily, St. Fort also revealed that the poop story had not impacted her dating life, and that it was a story she would definitely be sharing with her future children, whether they may want to hear it or not. 

We're not psychics, but we feel confident in saying that no, they definitely will not want to hear that one.

Nonetheless, St. Fort remains as an inspiring woman, who showed us all that if she can survive making out with her date with a toilet paper-wrapped poop in her purse, we can survive anything. 

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in March 2016 and was updated with the latest information.