107-Year-Old Woman Contemplating 23rd Husband

may-december romance
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Malaysian woman really digs the May-December romance.

Stop me if you've heard this one before. An older person from a largely Muslim nation is considering ditching a 22nd spouse in favor of a 23rd one. If you're a little confused by the gender non-specificity, there's good reason. This Malaysian marriage malcontent is a woman.

According to the AFP (via Yahoo.com), a woman from near the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur is starting to look for her 23rd husband as her 22nd husband prepares to leave rehab. The 107-year-old woman, Wook Kundor, fears that her seven-decades-younger partner will leave her upon exiting treatment and she'll be alone.

Though an older man is generally called out on his lechery when discussing marriage to and divorce from a much younger partner, Wook Kundor is strictly in this for companionship, "My intention to remarry is to fill my forlornness and nothing more than that." Eesh. 5 Reasons To Grow Old With Someone

The obvious question, at this point, is: What is the 37-year old man doing with a woman seventy years his senior? Clearly, seeing as this chap is in narcotics rehabilitation, he's not someone who thinks logically at all times. While it's possible that she's rich and he's a gigolo, that doesn't seem right either. Maybe this is one of the many, many times in life when we all just have to agree to accept something without understanding it, like why the sky is blue, why washcloths seem to get us cleaner than just using the soap bar and why we're tired when we get too much sleep.

Someone needs to round up as many of these 22 current and past spouses as are alive and create a reality TV show. There will probably be a number of misunderstandings. Read: Man With 86 Wives

It should be noted that that is a stock photo. For the real Wook Kundo, check out the Yahoo.com link.