I'm A College Student Who Makes 40K A Year By ... Sexting

Saaaay what?!

I'm A College Student Who Makes 40K A Year By ... Sexting VGstockstudio / Shutterstock

Becky's story is typical of students attending college around the world who are struggling to stay in school, pay bills, and maintain some semblance of a healthy young adult campus life.

She was 21 years old and working as a part-time waitress, but the money she was earning was just barely enough to keep her afloat. It certainly wasn't enough to jump start her career as a corporate lawyer or ensure herself of being debt-free after graduation.


Her predicament changed when she found what her friends describe as one of the best jobs in the world for the millennial age group: sexting.

Sexting is a favorite past-time for college students, and it only stands to reason that this would be a great money-making opportunity for them. It's accessible, convenient and mobile. Mobility seems to be the key to its success since it offers students a chance to earn money on the go.

And then there's Jess's story, which is similar to Becky's:

"It all began one drunken night when Jess's boyfriend texted her some nude pictures. Somewhat shocked, she replied, 'If you want to send me this stuff, you should pay me, right?' This response sparked an idea, and she began searching through the Internet the next day.


While doing research on sexting jobs, she was surprised to learn that there were many college girls making money this way, and she wondered if this was something she could do as well. Jess took a few 'sexy' photos of herself, filled out an application on Arousr, and after a short phone interview, she quickly became employed as a chat host for them.

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She was well on her way to making $40,000 by sexting with strangers. She admits, although hesitant at first to talk sexy to strangers, it was easier than she thought despite the fact she had never done anything like this."


Becky claimed that she had a similar experience and proceeded to mention, "Not only do I make tons of money this way, but it also allows me to explore my sexuality. I'm more sexually positive than I used to be, and for me, it's a win-win," Becky says.

Sexting pays extremely well, fits an active lifestyle, and helps students afford to live a stress-free and highly social campus lifestyle. Though sexting isn't for everyone, those who are willing to give it a little bit of effort can provide themselves with a substantially steady income.

Here are the bare facts about becoming a chat host.

1. Putting in effort reaps major rewards.

Like any job, the more effort you put into it, the more money you will earn and the better you will be at it. If you log in two hours per week and take one call for 30 minutes, chances are you won't make the same amount of money as a host who logs in 20 or more times per week, and chats for hours at a time.


2. The more social you are with customers, the more successful you will be.

Typically, chat hosts who build their social media networks and keep close connections with their sexting buddies tend to make more money. Sexting is a personal experience: if you put an effort into building a relationship with clients, it will lead to future repeat sales.

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Personality plays a huge role in the success of a sexting chat host. No one wants to talk with someone who is dull and unresponsive to their needs. Therefore, someone who is open-minded and sexually confident will typically do better.

3. Offering more services greatly increases income.

Chat hosts can ask for tips and earn additional money by entering contests, creating websites, selling their products, and even by becoming brand affiliates, promoters, or ambassadors. The type of service that a host provides can also affect the amount of income she receives. Chats hosts who offer video calls, fetish-type chats, or exchange pictures will make more money than those who only provide phone sexting services.  


The average paycheck for a part-time host is roughly about $500/week. Sexting is no longer just a college student's past time — it's how they're paying the way to their future.

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Patrick Roy is a sex educator who thinks that technology is going to help with sexual issues in a positive way. A leader in the sexting industry, he has been crafting blogs, articles, and educative web content for websites including but not limited to Arousr.com, Kinja, LifeHack, Dumb Little Men, Self-Growth, Technorati, and Ezine.