This 1-Hour, Non-Surgical Nose Job Is Freaking Us The Hell Out

Photo: Simon Ourian
nose job

Think of it as a lip injection for your nose.

Dr. Simon Ourian of Epione, Beverly Hills is famous for many things: Kylie Jenner's pout, a super-hot Instagram account, and recently, for Porsha Williams' non-surgical nose job.

Dr. Ourian considers himself a cosmetic dermatologist by vocation and a sculptor by avocation, but in his mind they're joined together. He says, "My sculpting and cosmetic work are very similar. It's like a pointillist painting, where many small changes converge into an integrated whole."

A non-surgical nose job or non-surgical rhinoplasty isn't an elaborate procedure involving a patient going under the knife, but a strategically placed series of shots in the nose.

Dr. Ourian explained to People Magazine, "A non-surgical nose job involves a series of dermal filler injections to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose. The goal is not to craft the perfect nose, but to shape a nose that perfectly suits the patient's face."

For writer Joanna Della-Ragione, the Ourian injected fillers into the bridge of her nose to build it up and make the whole nose look more proportionate to the rest of her face.

"It's a case of getting the proportions correct, so even though we're adding volume with the filler, the nose overall will appear smaller," Dr. Ourian said to The Daily Mail

Dr. Ourian used what he calls the micro-droplet technique. This process "requires a very tiny needle and I put the product right where I want it to be. This gives a more predictable and natural result."

Photo: Instagram

Fillers — such as Restylane, Juvederm and Radiesse — are used, the treatment takes less than 10 minutes, and the results can last two to four years. The best part? There isn't any recovery time. You can have it done during your lunch break and have a new nose when you go out for drinks after work.

"There might be a little swelling involved, which could last for a few hours to a day or two, but the needle is so small that there is never any bruising," Dr. Ourian told Cosmopolitan.

Although non-surgical nose jobs aren't as expensive as the surgical kind, they aren't cheap and will cost you approximately $3,000. But if you had some kind of bump or bulge on your nose that irritated you constantly, wouldn't it be worth it?

Check out the video below for more information on this procedure:

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