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21-Year-Old Italian Woman Dies After Birthday Present Nose Job

Photo: Central European News
Who Is Maria Chiara Mete? New Details On 21-Year-Old Italian Woman Who Died After Birthday Present Nose Job

Plastic surgery has become part of mainstream life, especially if you live in Hollywood. Big names have admitted to going under the knife or injecting themselves with fillers or Botox, including Britney Spears, Cindy Crawford, Kylie Jenner (obviously), and even Kelly Ripa. It’s no secret, and this type of lifestyle is encouraging others to modify their bodies.

Getting a nose job seems like a perfectly normal surgery to want, especially if you’re self-conscious about the way you look. Unfortunately, there are some risks of rhinoplasty: difficulty breathing through your nose, an uneven appearance, or permanent numbness.

Those are risks some people are willing to take, but in one case, it cost a young woman her life.

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Who is Maria Chiara Mete? The 21-year-old woman from Italy planned to get a rhinoplasty procedure on June 17th for her birthday because she was unhappy with her appearance. 

Photo: Central European News

However, after the procedure, she went into cardiac arrest, was taken to the Dono Svizzero hospital, and then to the Santa Maria Goretti hospital, and died one week later while in a coma. Doctors declared her brain dead and said she would never recover.

Her family called for police to find out why Maria died following what should have been a routine procedure. Said her uncle, “We can’t understand how you can die at the age of 21 because of a nose operation.” According to prosecutors in Latina, a province in Italy where Maria got the surgery, they are investigating and an autopsy will confirm her cause of death.

Photo: Central European News

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What could have caused this young woman to die so suddenly? It’s believed there was a ventilator malfunction, or that she had a bad reaction to the drug used to lower her blood pressure and reduce bleeding. Lawyers for the family have since won a court order for the breathing tube used during the procedure, believing Maria’s air supply was interrupted. 

Maria isn’t the first woman to die from complications of a nose job. In November 2018, Dallas real estate agent, Laura Avila, 36, died after receiving a botched rhinoplasty in Mexico. She never woke up from her operation and allegedly suffered from brain damage when the anesthetic was injected into her spine and reached her brain.

Another young woman, Leah Cambridge, 29, from Leeds, passed away after having a butt lift in Turkey. She died following complications, suffering three heart attacks during the operation. 

Photo: Central European News

For now, Maria’s family are calling on authorities to get to the root of what happened to their daughter. In the meantime, always research plastic surgery before getting any kind of procedure.

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