6 'Shedquarters' That'll Make You Want To Work From Home 4-EVA

Photo: MetroShed
'Shedquarters' For Your Backyard You Need In Your Life

Is it wrong to lust for a shed? Because I do. I want one of these miniature studios in my backyard so badly. Don't we all need a quiet place to work (or get away from work) or just to escape from the day's stresses?

Men have their sports-themed man caves and women have their she-sheds, but now there are Shedquarters.

According to the Lighter Side of Real Estate, Shedquarters are a growing trend of miniature studios/offices/living spaces that are small enough to fit in the backyard.

1. Modern Shed

These backyard structures can hardly be considered as "roughing it" with their sleek and elegant styles. Their basic 8x10 sheds start at $6,900, and run upwards of $70,000 for their larger and most extensive models. 


2. Weehouse

Calling a Weehouse structure a shed is a stretch, as it really is a wee house. These start at $79,000 for 435 square feet, and include a main room and a bathroom.


3. Kithaus

Kithaus has a super-cool vibe about it, with its aluminum frame, sliding doors and dual glazed windows. This to-die-for dwelling starts at under $20,000 and can run upwards of $100,000.


4. Modern Spaces

If you're looking for a backyard getaway or a home office, Modern Spaces has the shed for you. The simple and basic form is practical. Prices start at $6,000 for a fully installed room with a foundation and a finished exterior. Alternative uses include love shack, pool house, or extra fancy gardening shed.


5. Modern Cabana

Although the sheds from Modern Cabana are simple and functional, they're also charming and add to the landscape rather than compete with it. They start at $11,500 for a 10x12 area, and go up from there to almost $70,000 for a full studio with a kitchen and bath. Put your artist's loft in your backyard and wait for inspiration to strike.


6. Metroshed

Metroshed is an eco-friendly storage solution and quite possibly your next place to get away to hear yourself think. They're made of a cedar wood beam post frame with aluminum-frame sliding doors, which start at $6,000 for a 9x13-foot shed.


I can only imagine how lovely it would be to say, "I'm going out to the office," and be able to work in your own shedquarters. #shedgoals