Gavin Rossdale's Nanny From His Affair Is PREGGO — Is He The Father?

Photo: WeHeartIt
Gavin Rossdale

It wasn't too long ago that news broke that Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale were getting a divorce. The 13-year marriage ended after Gwen found out he was having an affair with their kids' nanny, Mindy Mann. The whole thing was revealed when Stefani found dirty pictures and texts on the iCloud of their family's iPad.

Now it seems like things are looking up for Gwen and her new relationship with Blake Shelton. But something new might put salt in that old wound. 

Mann's sister posted a picture of the former nanny's baby bump on Facebook to announce her pregnancy. She's expecting a baby boy.

Of course, one big question remains: Is it Gavin's baby from their three-year affair? Mann has yet to give the identity of the father, but there's a chance that the answer is no. She's currently dating snowboard instructor, Spencer Gutcheon. But according to reports, Mann and Rossdale were seen in front of a nursery in Los Angeles in December, and had lunch just last week.

Either way, it looks like Gwen made the right decision of going through with the divorce. This affair doesn't seem like it's had a clean break at all.