7 Things You Should Know About Gavin Rossdale's Mistress, Mindy Mann

Photo: PR Photos
Rossdale and Mann

Everyone was pretty shocked to hear that Gwen Stefani and her husband, Gavin Rossdale were splitting up after 13 years.

They have three kids together — Kingston, Zuma and Apollo — but it looks like their caretaker was part of the reason they got divorced.

Yes, another Hollywood husband slept with the nanny and a lot of details about their affair is starting to come out. Here are seven things you should know about Gavin Rossdale's mistress, Mindy Mann


1. She's an Aussie.

Mindy is from Australia and was recommended to the married couple by friends for the nanny job, according US Weekly

She originally was only supposed to be their temporary, but eventually became a permanent nanny for them.

2. She would creepily copy Gwen.

It's one thing to copy your favorite celebrity, but it's another to do it while working for them! Mindy reportedly copied Gwen's rocker style.

An insider told US Weekly“If Gwen would eat something or do a workout or get a new handbag, Mindy would do the same thing. Gwen thought it was weird.”

3. She worked for the family for seven years.

Poor Gwen! It's already terrible for your husband to cheat on you but with someone who you allowed in your life is more salt in the wound!

The nanny was hired back in 2008 to watch Kingston and Zuma. When Apollo was born in 2014 she started being his caretaker as well.

4. They were sleeping together while Gwen was pregnant

Sadly, when you sit down and do the math, everyone can put two and two together. The husband was keeping this big secret and sleeping with Mindy while Gwen was pregnant with Apollo.

The toddler is currently about 20 months old.

5. They were caught thanks to iCloud.

The nail in the coffin for their marriage was when Gwen found nude photos and dirty texts Gavin was sending to the nanny after syncing the family iPad which Mindy had been using.

Another nanny first found the exchange and told Gwen according to US Weekly.   

6. She and Gavin were almost caught in 2012!

The two were probably really sweating when a photo came out of what seemed to be Gavin touching the nanny's butt several years ago.

The incident happened when Gavin was hiking with a woman and his kids, however some people said that it wasn't the nanny but his sister. Sadly, it's hard to tell. 

7. Gwen gave her the axe.

No surprise here! The singer fired Mindy after she found out about the affair.

Afterwards, Gavin was still denying the whole thing, but eventually confessed the truth. Gwen then made the decision to divorce and has since moved on.

Not to mention, Gwen has immortalized the ordeal in her new song, Used To Love You. It's a beautifully sad song that everyone who has been cheated on can totally relate to.