11 Movies That Prove You DON’T Need Sex For EPIC Romance

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Princess Bride

We live in a world where it's common practice for even teenagers to have sex in both movies and real life. We've started to believe that we need sex for romance.

But that's far from the case. Sometimes the most powerful thing can be the building up of the romance leading to the inevitable and yet epically romantic kiss that takes all of our breaths away (and we aren't even the one being kissed!).

Here are 11 movies you should watch to remind yourself of how pure love can be and still take your breath away.

All Disney movies.

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disney movies

From the moment you see the Disney castle come on-screen, you know you're in for an innocent romantic movie (innuendos aside) that will leave you believing in love once again.

A Walk to Remember

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a walk to remember

No, we are not crying.....definitely not. But really, how could this list be complete without A Walk to Remember? We won't spoil the movie (in case the few of you who have been living under a rock have yet to see it) but watching Jamie and Landon reminds us of what true love is all about.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

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robin hood men in tights this one kind sits on the border of innocent. The movie is full of innuendos and there are plenty of moments where Robin and Marian try to get together. But between Marian's brilliant chaperone and her chastity belt, the movie only reinforces, in a wonderfully comical way, waiting to have sex until after marriage.

Gone With the Wind.

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gone with the wind

Ahhh....Rhett and Scarlett. However their relationship may or may not have turned out, you cannot deny it is one that makes you swoon for a Rhett of your own (and let's be honest, we've all wished for it at one point or another).

The Proposal.

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the proposal

Another comedy that have some slightly less innocent moments in it but while they might sleep together, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds never actually sleep together.

Letters to Juliet.

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letters to juliet

The definition of a cute, sweet and innocent love story that will leave you smiling and just feeling good and ache for a love like that.


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Yes, you read that correctly. As ridiculous as Twilight might be, Edward's fierce devotion and protection can make even a grown adult swoon.

Step Up.

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step up

Just watching them dance is breath-taking, let alone the chemistry between Channing and Jenna....and knowing it was the movie that introduced the now husband and wife just makes it so much better.

The Princess Bride.

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the princess bride

The movie that made women everywhere yearn for a man who would say those magical three words to her: "As you wish".

Maid in Manhattan.

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maid in manhattan

A classic Cinderella fairy tale that will make your heart ache and yearn and believe that love is possible for everyone, no matter what.

Pride & Prejudice.

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pride and prejudice

This movie is so beautiful and romantic and they don't even kiss!!! But the way Mr. Darcy talks...*swoon*. We'll take one please!