20 Signs You're A Gal Who Gives ZERO F*cks, As Told By Madonna GIFS

The ONE and ONLY.

Signs You're A Gal Who Gives ZERO F*cks weheartit

There's no doubt about it: discovering Madonna at the age of five was one of the most impactful things to ever happen to me. Strong, bold, provocative and unapologetically confident, this woman was a force. She was the most independent woman I had ever seen, she offended everyone I knew, and I couldn't wait to grow up to be just like her.

While I never put out a Sex book and would rather shave my head than let my armpit hair grow long enough to braid, I definitely took after my hero when it comes to dancing to my own beat, aggressively flirting with Latin men, and not feeling bad about being single.


Here are 20 ways single women who give zero f*cks are just like her.

1. You initiate intense eye sex when there's a hot guy on public transportation.

2. You love adding fuel to the fire when you get drunk texts, especially from your exes.

3. Your Tinder date turns you off three hours before you're supposed to meet so you grab a cocktail with your girlfriend instead.

4. "And then he was all like, 'I made a big mistake and need you back.'"

5. The ex who broke your heart's new wife won't stop stalking your page.

6. And then you realize he's stalking it, too...

7. Because you know he's remembering this.


8. You realize that the whole height, hands and feet size equation isn't accurate, even though he's 6'2".

9. You don't even bother making excuses to leave anymore.

10. You walk back into the party like this.

11. You pretty much have no filter.

12. You have absolutely no problems sharing what you want in bed.

13. You get whatever you want when he orders food the morning after.

14. But then your girls text where to meet for brunch and you have to go.

15. And you order a spicy Bloody Mary shamelessly.

16. This is your reaction when he tells you he's only on Tinder because it's "like a game."

17. But then he catches you swiping right. Oops!


18. Because really, this is what it would look like if all of the text conversations in your phone were in one hotel room.

19. When he goes MIA and then asks to see you again three months later.

20. When society tells you to feel bad about not being married after 30 or not having kids at 35.

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