You DON’T Need A Guy To Be Happy (But You DO Need THIS)

Photo: Butsaya/Shutterstock
happy single woman

When you think of being single (be honest!) you likely immediately think of it as a bad thing. After all, doesn't it seem like the goal in this life is to find love?

Except you DO have love when you're single. You have yourself.

And being single actually is a blessing because it allows you the opportunity to love the amazingly wonderful person that you, something you can't always do when you're in a relationship with someone else.

Don't believe me? Check out these eight ways being a singleton can help you fall madly in love ... with you.

1. You figure out who you *really* are.


When you're a couple, it's easy to sometimes lose sight of yourself. Being single allows you to figure out what makes you, well, you. Are you a loyal person? Are you a romantic? Are you an optimist or a realist or a pessimist or some combination? What are the things you love? We all have an identity that makes us uniquely ourselves. Find yours.

2. You start to take damn good care of yourself.


Whether it's taking long, much-needed bubble baths or splurging on some books, whatever it is that makes you feel good is important to make time for. Use this time to take care of yourself in every way possible, the way you'd take care of anybody you love! 

3. You realize that you like spending time alone, because you're cool AF.


We are scared of our own company. It sounds crazy, we know, but that doesn't make it any less true. Often it's not the thought of being alone that terrifies us, but being having only ourselves to rely upon for company. So take this gift of being single to spend some "alone time" with yourself. You can do anything you want, but the goal is to realize that you can actually have a lot of fun on your own.

4. You also figure out that other people are damn lucky to spend time with you, too.  


Once you learn that you're pretty awesome company for yourself, you'll realize you are awesome company for others. Hang out with your friends and your family. Maybe play some board games to help you all let loose and really connect. One day you might not have as much time as you'd like for them, so enjoy this time with the people who matter most.

5. You have time to focus on your spiritual growth.


Before you run off thinking we're getting all preachy, let's clarify something: "Spiritual" does not only mean religion (although if you are religious, you can take the time to work on that too). We also mean your mental health and your emotional health. Take the time to grow in all areas involving the mind and soul. If there's something you want to work on inside your soul or with your own life, take this time to work on it.

6. You make time to focus on things that actually make you happy.


Without the responsibility of being a couple, you have more time to work on all of those hobbies you won't necessarily have time for when you're in a relationship. Start writing that novel, find more recipes to add to your repertoire, work on your drawing or painting or sketching, or try a new sport or workout. If you don't know what your hobby is, now is the perfect time to figure it out! 

7. You take charge of your life's trajectory ... and like where you are going.


No one should ever plan your life our for you. Figure out what YOU want your future to look like: what you want to do for a living, what you want your partner to be like, what your bucket list is. Take a moment to figure out your dreams so you can work towards them.

8. You discover that you can do *anything* you want on your own.


You don't need to be a couple to save the world, go a spontaneous vacation, travel, see a movie, or any other "couple" activity. Go do some crazy things on your own. You don't need a guy or girl to tell you what you can or cannot do.

The whole world it at your fingertips if you're willing to take the risk.