What Your Favorite Cocktail REALLY Says About The Way You Date

Photo: Pixabay
two glasses of scotch

There are so many ways we can channel signals during our dates, whether it's a first date or the third, without having to open our mouths. From the clothes we wear to the place we decide to meet, the physical contact we make, and eye contact we maintain, our body language really does do a lot of the talking for us.

When it comes to our drink order, well ... that's a whole other volume in itself. From the cocktails to the classics, your drink order says a lot about how you want to come across and how you want this date to go. The following are some of the drink choices and the language they speak.

1. Long Island Iced Tea

Ordering a Long Island iced tea is a blatant way of saying that you don't care where this date goes and you don't mind how you come across to your date. More than that, you don't even care if you will remember anything from this date, as long as you have a good time.


2. Whiskey

A classic soul chooses whiskey as their drink. You're proving that you've learned to sip, not lug, your alcohol. Maybe you're the 1950s kind of guy: rugged and suave, with impeccable style, but without the oppression toward the woman in your life.


3. Shots

Shots are a way to say that you want to turn this date into a group thing — partying in a crowd and foregoing the awkward "let's get to know one another" conversation during a first date.


4. Beer

Ordering beer shows that you want to chill out on this date. You want to have a laid back night with someone you can talk to for hours, without any awkwardness or loud music bursting your ear drums.


5. Wine

You want to have an intellectual conversation on this date. You're tired of parties and the fast-paced world, with conversations interrupted with phone calls and internet browsing. What you're looking for is someone you can have a decent conversation with about the important things, while sipping wine and having a first class meal.


6. Personalized alcohol bottles

Going for personalized alcohol bottles is an indication of class. You make everything special, even a first date at home, by offering your date something that's more than a regular drink you can find in any local store.


7. "Beach-y" drinks like Piña Colada or Sex on the Beach

​These cocktails mean one thing: you like your date, want to have fun, and want to flirt the night away. Whether you go for a Piña Colada or a Sex on the Beach, you want to show how fun-loving and free-spirited you are.


8. Water

Water says one thing and one thing only: you're so over this date! You need to keep a clear head, think straight, and figure out how to escape as quickly as possible.