Are All Men Online Really Just A Bunch Of Dirty Liars?

One of the biggest myths (according to the Washington Post) is that everyone lies online. Now in reality, this can't possibly be true considering that 40 million people are dating via the Internet.

But, that doesn't mean there aren't some seriously sneaky characters lurking around online looking to feed you a story to get into your pants (or worse, convince you to jump into a relationship with them).

It's shameful really.

Sometimes in the online dating world, we will meet a creep. It happened to me. My one and only stab at dating online led me to a guy who falsified his background (work history, family life, even his romantic past ... all lies). I was shocked when the truth came out. I felt like the year we spent together was nothing but a sham. Luckily, I wanted out of the relationship, so good riddance to bad rubbish, as they say.

But, if you surf message boards or Facebook, you do find story after story of women who felt lied to, taken advantage of, or worse, they truly loved a man who ended up being married or otherwise unavailable. Like I said, shameful.

So how can you protect yourself from this kind of nonsense? 

Learn the signs that help you spot the liars. It's that simple. But here's where things get complicated for many women, because they mistakenly believe that if they look for signs that he's a liar, that's somehow "thinking the worst" about all men. Or, they worry they're being "unfair" or looking for signs that aren't there. If you're one of these woman, it's time for you to learn the difference between self-preservation and self-sabotage.

  • Self-preservation is when you look out for yourself proactively. That means BEFORE something bad happens. Not after you're the victim of a double-crossing jerk. 
  • Self-sabotage is when you KNOW something is in your best interest (meaning good for you) and you don't do it. When you knowingly allow someone to hurt you, injure you or take advantage of you because you're too afraid to stop it from happening. If this is you, and you're in a bad situation, there's only one thing to do: ask for help.

And speaking of help, if you want to know how to spot a liar, cheater or married man pretending he's single, Know-It-All Nancy has some great tips for you. Watch her video above and if you need to, write her advice down.

Stop letting nefarious people hijack your happiness. It's time to take responsibility for finding a quality man, because he is out there. You just have to set your eyes on the good guys and let the charmers and free-loaders go.

Know-It-All Nancy is the author of 3 books she calls the Trilogy: Secrets of the Ultimate Husband Hunter, Never Date a Dead Animal and God, Please Fix Me! Her work has helped thousands of women retire their dependence on lying, cheating men and she can help you too. Learn more on her website or follow her on Facebook.