10 Signs You're Probably (Definitely) In Love WIth A Psychopath

Run for the hills.

YOU Could Be Dating A Psychopath weheartit

Ladies, we all know how hard the dating game can be. How do you read the signs? How can you tell if he's really a nice guy? What is he hiding in the trunk of his car? To help you out, I've put together a few signs that will tell you is the guy you love is a psychopath.

You're welcome.

1. He never picks up the check.

2. He says things like, "I think I might be a psychopath."


3. He wears dresses made from human skin.

4. His dog's name is Ted Bundy.

5. His "dog" is actually a stuffed fur coat with a squirrel's head glued on top.

6. He leaves the toilet seat up.


7. When you ask what he's thinking, he sheepishly says, "Nothing," while surreptitiously hiding the masking tape and rope behind his back.


8. He never holds the door for you.

9. You saw him on America's Most Wanted, but he claims it's a guy that just looks like him... and has the same name... and also killed his entire family in a bloody rampage.

10. He thinks Donald Trump makes some interesting points.