The Song That'll Rule Your Valentine's Day, According To Your Sign

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Free daily horoscope for February 12 - 14.

Valentine's Weekend has finally arrived! Whether you're single, coupled up or somewhere in between, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the romantic holiday. Start with your zodiac sign's weekend theme song and horoscope.

Aquarius: For the most part, this weekend has you humming along in perfect harmony with everyone and everything. Saturday, you may have a few moments where you have tiny freak outs. We know it all seems too good to be true, but things are really going your way right now. Enjoy this perfect Valentine’s Day

Aquarius' Valentine's Weekend theme song: The Perfect Life —Moby

PiscesFriday, expect to have your budget on your mind. No worries, by Friday night you'll be feeling more carefree. Your energy is up and that positive mood is drawing all kinds of great things towards you. Part of you will (of course) have work on the brain, but love is what you're really dreaming of. Looks like Saturday night is your night. Get out there and find your Valentine!

​Pisces' Valentine's Weekend theme song: Work Song —Hozier

Aries: It is time to shine. People are sure to notice you this weekend. You're ready to party celeb-style this weekend, but you still have your career and financials on the brain. Don't let that hold you back — you'll still have plenty of time to slay on the dance floor! Celebrate all the love you receive over the weekend on Valentine’s Day!

Aries' Valentine's Weekend theme song: Hell Yeah! —Tiesto & Showtek

Taurus: You've been itching to have your voice heard. You just want to be understood! This weekend, you're the center of attention so be sure to say what you need to say. Your Valentine is all ears. 

Taurus' Valentine's Weekend theme song: That's What's Up —Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Gemini: You've been a straight shooter lately. It might cause a little tension tomorrow but don't let that hold you back. Just remember that some people need their info to be sugarcoated — like the sweet things you'll encounter on Valentine's Day.

Gemini's Valentine's Weekend theme song: Sweet Child O' Mind —Guns N’ Roses

Cancer: We know you’re in a mischievous mood, but be mindful. Piss off the wrong person and that smile will turn upside down. Make sure you put a little work in, because something will come up that you need to jump on! Get it done before Sunday, and then it’s all hearts and kisses from there on.

Cancer's Valentine's Weekend theme song: Into My Arms —Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Leo: It’s appealing to you to stay close to home this weekend. You're in the mood for cozy nights, comfort food, chocolate, candles and cuddles. It is the holiday of love, after all. You can have alone time on Monday. Enjoy the love right now.

Leo's Valentine's Weekend theme song: Let It Burn —Jazmine Sullivan

Virgo: You’ve got plenty of energy, words, and love to share. If you have epic plans for Valentine's Day, we're not surprised! Even single Virgos know how to plan a bash for their besties. You know you're the party planner of the zodiac — and you don’t miss any details.

Virgo's Valentine's Weekend theme song: Ghostwriter —RJD2

Libra: You made it to FriYay — woot, woot! It’s definitely more of a stay indoors, Netflix and chill kind of weekend. Your space is always a fantasy retreat! You know exactly who to invite over on Sunday to share the love.

Libra's Valentine's Weekend theme song: To Build A Home —The Cinematic Orchestra

Scorpio: It’s another lucky weekend for you, Scorpio. Your business savvy is in full effect, and your recent gut feeling about an amazing opportunity turns out to be right (as usual). When you can walk away from work, make sure you find some time for love and Valentine’s Day. You can’t survive on success alone!

Scorpio's Valentine's Weekend theme song: Save Me —Aimee Mann

Sagittarius: Love is in the air a couple days before Valentine’s Day. Looks like you’re getting a head start to the romantic holiday. Why not celebrate now and Sunday? If you're single, no worries — your flawless aim will bring to exactly what (or who) you need. 

Sagittarius' Valentine's Weekend theme song: I Want You —Common

Capricorn: All eyes are on you today. You want to revel in the attention, but you're having a hard time pulling away from work. No worries, they'll come to you. This means you can do what you need — but stay flexible. If they knock, you should answer... Especially on Sunday!

​Capricorn's Valentine's Weekend theme song: Pillow Talk —Zayn