You Can Now Officially Design-Your-Own-Condom

You've GOT to see the Star Wars one.

star wars condom Graphic Armor

How do you tell your special guy that you love him? You can't take him out to dinner, that's what he's supposed to do for you. You're already the greatest present he's ever going to get. Flowers and candy are overdone, and you want something that's truly unique and fun. So why not design a condom as a way of expressing your love?

Graphic Armor can help you out with a variety of super-fun condoms. It's a great way to express yourself through the medium of latex. And a great excuse to use corny movie lines during sexy time.


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There are already printed condom lines, such as the Star Wars-themed ones called Saber Skins. Any Jedi would get a kick out of wearing a condom with the lines "Do or do not. There is no try," or "I will not be your father."

You can design a condom as a surprise or you can create a design together. You can upload your own artwork, use clipart and texts that are available in the custom design studio, or send your art files and let Graphic Armor do it for you. Prices start at $3 each (with a minimum of 33 condoms) but drop to $1.99 when you order at least 100 condoms.


Adam Glickman, Graphic Armor's managing partner, said that over the next year they plan to collaborate with celebrities, designers, and artists to produce new lines of printed condoms featuring compelling art, images, and messages.

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"We truly believe that the latex condom can be a canvas for personal and commercial expression. And all of it serves our mission, which is to change the way people look at condoms by changing the way condoms look. We want to give people a new reason to think differently about an old product and in the process change perceptions, attitudes, and ultimately behavior."

Use this when the force is with you.


There's also patriot protection.

Superheroes make sex safer for man and womankind.


Photos: Graphic Armor

If the already created condoms aren't exactly what you're thinking of, then let the condom be your canvas of creativity and design your own. Graphic Armor's patented custom print condoms are FDA approved, and meet all the safety and testing requirements. 

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"We get most excited when new orders come in through our design studio. Watching our customers create their own custom designer condoms is more than gratifying; it tells us that change is happening and that a new day is dawning for this funny little safer sex product so many have loved to hate," says Glickman.

The non-toxic printing is cured into the latex and will not rub off with normal use. (Take note of the words "normal use.")


The printing area is equal to about one complete side of the condom laid flat.

All photos: Graphic Armor

If condoms can begin to be thought of as creative and cool, then maybe there will be less resistance to wearing them.

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