Meet The Woman Who Takes "Fashion" Pictures Of D*cks For A Living

No, really.

Meet The Woman Who Takes Pictures Of Penises For A Living Soraya Doolbaz

If you've ever been on a dating app, hookup site, or even a regular social media site, chances are you've received a dick pic or two — or a thousand. Guys love to send pictures of their junk

Rarely are the penis pictures that impressive; in fact, they can turn you off a potential date, especially if you didn't request the dick pic in the first place. It seems like all imagination and creativity goes out the window when a guy is taking a portrait of his peen.


Luckily, professional dick photographer Soraya Doolbaz is here to bring some artistry and humor to the lowly dick pic.

"Back when I was single, I would get a ton of dick pics and my friends would get them, and we would show them to each other. Some dick pics were better than the other ones, and I thought 'What if I take them with a professional camera?' And I was walking through a Walmart and I saw a couple of dolls. I just kind of put two and two together and thought I could create a personality out of penises," says Doolbaz.


For any photo shoot, a model tries on many different looks, and the subjects of her "Dicture Gallery" are no different. By dressing the penises in doll-like clothes, she tries to capture their unique personalities. As Doolbaz says, "Some people are dicks ... but dicks are people, too."

Doolbaz's Dicture Gallery has taken off and is incredibly popular, and she's even shown her work at Art Basel Miami where she got the chance to show her work to a much larger audience. Some of the characters that the penises have been turned into include Dong Dapper, Bradley Cocker, Napoleon Boner Parte, and the laugh-out-loud Benito Mussoweenie.

"Two years ago when I took my first dick pic, I never thought I'd be here today selling limited edition prints in Miami for $10,000 a piece, and having a product line that includes adult novelty items like calendars and mugs. It's surprising and very delightful that people just like dick on things," she says.


All photos: Soraya Doolbaz

If we had known that dick pics were so lucrative, maybe we wouldn't have been so hasty in deleting them.

To see Doolbaz's process, watch The New York Post video below: