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Which Netflix Show You Should Chill To, Based On Your Horoscope

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orange is the new black

With dreary winter weather in full force and the weekend still a full day away, most of us don't want to do much but lay in bed with our favorite Netflix show and some hot chocolate. Read on to find out which Netflix show is PERFECT for you, according to your free daily horoscope for January 21.

Aquarius: Happy birthday, Aquarius! It’s your month and your time to shine. Before you get into full on party mode, get your birthday goals in order. This is your new personal year and it’s looking to be a good one — particularly for your career.

Aquarius' Netflix show: House of Cards

Pisces: When you look in the mirror today, even you can’t help but realize how fine you look. Everyone else is noticing too! You're so ready for the weekend, and itching to ditch work and hit happy hour early. Make a plan with your friends for the night (and make sure there's plenty of eye candy for all of you). 

Pisces' Netflix show: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Aries: If you took a tiny social media break, you’re back to it today. Those dating apps are keeping your attention all day (and night). Your appetite for love is strong — it's time to feed the beast!

Aries' Netflix show: Master of None

Taurus: Your recent moves to improve life are showing big results. You see the possibilities everywhere, and you’re basking in them. Lucky for you, success is a turn on — so your love life is reaping the rewards as well!

Taurus' Netflix show: Marvel's Jessica Jones

Gemini: You let your spending get a little out of hand recently. You have a generous spirit, for sure — but it's high time to be generous to your savings account. This is your chance to get it together and plan for the future. 

Gemini's Netflix show: Narcos

Cancer: You've had some serious star power lately. You're enjoying life and everyone is enjoying you. Cheers to that!

Cancer's Netflix show: BoJack Horseman

Leo: Someone you've been seeing is starting to get a little serious. If anyone can take the heat it’s you. You're down to take things to the next level — enjoy! 

Leo's Netflix show: Orange Is The New Black

Virgo: You’re energetic and diligent today — even more than usual! There’s a quick move you have to make for your career and like the efficient, resourceful, creative Virgo you are, this turns into a great break for you. Bravo!

Virgo's Netflix show: Marvel's Daredevil

Libra: You're in the mood to cause a little mischief today. Happens to the best of us — but pay attention to when it's time to draw the line. You know your boundaries, and need to stick to them before someone sticks it to you!

Libra's Netflix show: Bloodline

Scorpio: You're ready for a big social scene. From staff meeting to happy hour with your favorites, today is full of excitement and the opportunity to mingle. Don't stop just because happy hour is over — have a get together at home. Netflix and margaritas, anyone? 

Scorpio's Netflix show: Arrested Development

Sagittarius: You’re falling pretty hard for someone. It's an incredible feeling, but don't be blind to the red flags. They aren't exactly deal breakers, but they deserve to be addressed — you won't be sorry. 

Sagittarius' Netflix show: Grace and Frankie

Capricorn: Someone is in boss mode today! You know just the right things to say to get things done. If you find yourself in a rut, don't be afraid to reach out for some help. Your true friends are always there.

Capricorn's Netflix show: Sense8