YES! You Can Now Get Your Face Printed On A Personalized Lego Figure

Photo: Funky3DFaces
You Can Get Your Face Printed On A Personalized Lego Figure

Most of us played with Legos when we were younger. But what if we could make that experience even more interactive by putting ourselves into our self-made Lego world?

Well, now you can. Funky3DFaces can create a mini replica of your face using 3D printing, and pictures of the side and front of your head. You can then attach the head to the body of any Lego person of your choosing, whether it’s a superhero or a cartoon character.

Funky3DFaces got this idea from a company called ELAT3D, which makes 3D bones for the medical industry. They've now taken it a step further by doing something fun!

Funky3Dfaces claims their 3D printers can produce over six million colors, which can give your face the precise customization it needs. Customers can even choose from a variety of hairstyles to make their Lego face look more like themselves.

The company commented on their product, saying, "Although we do enjoy making bones and buildings, we wanted to use the technology we had to make something fun and affordable to the masses ... So the mission was to produce something that was small enough to be inexpensive, but completely unique and personal to each individual."

All photos: Funky3DFaces

These Lego heads are unique, indeed. And though I haven't played with Legos in over 15 years, I'm tempted to order my own customized head to fulfill my nostalgic needs.