Here's The Most INSANE Sorority Recruitment Vid We've Seen, To Date

Photo: Artec Media
The Most INSANE Sorority Recruitment Video We've Seen

Jaw. Drop.

When you think of sororities, what comes to mind? Crazy initiations? Mixers with frat boys? Whatever it is, I'm positive it's not ridiculously luxurious recruitment videos.

But that's exactly what University of Miami's Delta Gamma chapter has done ... again. Yes, this isn't the first time the sorority has dazzled people with their videos in an attempt to gain more members.

The sorority enlisted the help of Artec Media, which shot the sisters partying on boats, beaches, and their campus, and provided an original song from The Voice's Joselyn Rivera.

The video really does speak for itself, and is a telltale as to what comes from a sorority at a large university in Miami, which is a city known for its partying.

But it's a little creepy how the sisters look amazingly happy all throughout the video, which certainly isn't what new pledges will be looking like during the weeks-long process to join the sisterhood. That isn't to say that all sororities haze their pledges, but it does happen. And it's not glamorous.

Either way, I need to give props to this sorority for dropping big bucks to gain new sisters. Buying your friends has never looked so good.