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What The Average Woman's Face Looks Like In 41 Countries

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What The Average Woman's Face Looks Like In 41 Countries

The last way you'd ever want to be described is "average." Average is blah; it's worse than ugly or unattractive because implies boring and uninteresting.

We all want to be special, unique, and stand out in some way.

However, if you went by the average face created by scientists who blended thousands of faces together, you might change your thinking on being called average. Average, it turns out, is stunning, hot, and gorgeous.

By using a special computer program, scientists put hundreds of pictures of women's faces (centered around the eyes) and created an average face for a variety of countries.

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This face-averaging tool was used by University of Glasgow psychologists to study perceptions of beauty.

The technique of superimposing multiple photographs was first developed by Sir Francis Galton in the late 1880s.

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His method, called composite portraiture, used photographs of different subjects, combining them through repeated limited exposure to produce one single blended image.

While it's fantastic that average is stunningly beautiful in every country, there's been some controversy, as these aren't representative of what average women look like.

The program rules out any blemishes and all these women appear to be in their early twenties — hardly the average age of any country.

The Face Research Lab says, "We use sophisticated computer graphics to manipulate faces in order to test people's preferences for different characteristics using two methods for manipulating faces: prototyping and transforming."

South African photographer Mike Mike's web project, The Face of Tomorrow, was said to be the inspiration of the facial study.

All photos: The Daily Mail

Though there's no average for North America and the United States, we can only assume it's because Americans look so vastly different that creating an average of everyone might look similar to Wal-Mart shoppers.

But no one is really average, as every woman has something that makes her beautiful.

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Christine Schoenwald is a love and entertainment writer. 

Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on December 28, 2015 and was updated with the latest information.

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