6 Reasons High School Sweethearts Make The BEST Couples

Your relationship withstood high school — enough said.

High School Sweethearts Make The BEST Couples Wendy Wisner

At 14 years old, when I met a cute boy who whistled as he walked from class to class, and who was as big a Beatles fan as I was, it never crossed my mind that I'd marry him. I didn't picture us two decades years later: a couple of kids underfoot and still hopelessly in love.

Our story wasn't without drama. After dating for a few months, he broke up with me and I spent nine lovesick months obsessing over him until we got back together quite suddenly, and with a kiss I'll never forget. When he went away to college, there was a knot in my stomach. Even though we didn't want to breakup, we were open to the idea that maybe we would grow apart.


But we only stayed more tightly bonded. In fact, no matter what life has thrown us, and no matter how our lives evolve and change, our interest in each other — and our commitment to our relationship — only seems to grow deeper.

Here are some other perks about marrying your high school sweetheart.

1. You grew up together, so (almost) everything about your past is laid out on the table.

My husband and I spent our teenage years practically living at each other's houses. We were well acquainted with one another's family dynamics. We saw our families change. We witnessed divorce, death of grandparents, tough financial times, and our fair share of teenage/parent warfare.


It's really helpful to have first-hand knowledge about where your partner comes from. You're more likely to be understanding and empathetic about their shortcomings, and more willing to work through the hard stuff with them.

2. You remember what it was like to sneak around together, break rules, and come out on the other side intact.

Our parents were pretty cool about letting us spend lot of alone time together, but there were definitely limits and times when we had to sneak around and break the rules. It's really fun to have that sort of history together, to remember a time when it was "us against the world." It still brings a feeling of camaraderie and playfulness to our relationship.

3. Your relationship withstood high school — enough said.


When I think about some of the crap that went down in high school, I'm actually pretty surprised we came out together in one piece. Not only was high school one of my most awkward times, but it was really emotionally draining. From cliques, to judgmental teachers and administrators, and just that overall angsty teenage feeling, high school was often the pit of hell.

It was enough to drive a hole into any relationship, but didn't seem to do that to ours. In a way, our relationship is what saved both of us from the insanity of those years. We were banded together against the world.

4. You stayed together even when everyone said it was a bad idea.

As we entered our 20s, there were definitely some people who questioned our staying together. They thought it was important that we experience different relationships before deciding this was "the one."


I could see where they were coming from, but at the same time, neither of us wanted to date other people. It just never felt right. I'm so glad we went with our instincts and stayed together despite that pressure. It's made our commitment to each other stronger.

5. You know that you snatch up an opportunity when you see it — and that's a good quality to have.

I'm pretty level-headed person most of the time, but I also know how important it is to listen to my gut. Marrying my high school sweetheart and seeing what a good decision that was taught me that sometimes you just have to listen to your heart, even when you're not sure it makes the most sense. This is a good quality to have in relationships and life in general.


6. Being married to your high school sweetheart keeps you young.

My husband and I can pretty easily slip back into our high school mindset. We can recall our innocence and young lust. I love looking at his face and seeing that cool kid I fell in love with all those years ago. Remembering who we were keeps us upbeat, wide-eyed, hopeful, and young.

Call it fate, dumb luck, or awesome chemistry — our relationship just works well. Some people can't imagine being with the same person for so long before settling down, and I can understand that perspective. I know for sure it's not for everyone, but 23 years into this, he still makes my heart go pitter-pat and I can't imagine my life any other way.