8 Reasons A 'Boring' Relationship Is EXACTLY What You Want

For starters, he definitely knows how to turn you on.

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By Mary Patterson Broome

One of the few downsides of a healthy serious relationship is that things can get a little predictable. But the truth is, while the drama and intensity may be gone, having a steady partner doesn’t have to mean your life is steadily boring.

In fact, sometimes the inevitable blandness that takes over when the newness wears off can become undeniable hotness. Here are eight reasons why your “boring” relationship is actually a serious turn-on.


1. You Know Exactly What Each Other Like
This can apply to the bedroom or the kitchen.

You tell him you’re out of coffee, and he picks up the brand you like (Starbuck’s French Roast, please) on the way home, no questions asked. You’ve always got a pint of his favorite gelato flavor in the freezer; he always knows exactly how to kiss your neck in that one spot two inches below your ear lobe that makes you melt. He can say, “Please put on that thing,” and you know to head straight to the drawer of underwear that makes him insanely hot for you.

2. Party Cues Have Been Established
Whether it’s a hand signal or a code phrase, you know immediately when the other one wants to bolt from the dinner party or office holiday party. Seeing your mate tap the champagne glass he’s gripping three times with this index finger makes you instantly relieved to know you’re both itching to get home, get into soft pants, and bust out the Netflix queue.


3. You Can Sext and Play Words with Friends
How fun is it that the same person you can text about what you want to do to do them as soon you walk in the door later can also be the person you beat by 34 points playing the word “bonkers” on a triple word score? Seriously, the couple that plays together stays together…or something like that.

4. You Both Love Selena Gomez, and You’re Not Afraid to Admit It
Early on in the relationship, you try to play it cool with your musical taste. No one wants admit being a slave to Top 40 hits. But eventually, the skeletons come out of the closet, and before you know it, “Come & Get It” is your anthem.

5. Sex is Sometimes Funny
Maybe you’re not going at it like animals every other hour anymore, but when you do get it on, things can get comical.

When you’re both really tired but still need a little love sesh, you race to the bed. Whoever gets there last has to be on top and do most of the work. Your blood’s already pumping before your clothes come off—doesn’t get much steamier than that, right?


6. Getting Sweaty Together is No Big Deal
Seeing couples working out together can be nauseating sometimes, yes. But there is something about it that says, “We’re not afraid to look ugly with each other anymore” that’s really refreshing.

If you can run three miles or do boot camp to the brink of passing out and still go home and shower (or not) and get it on (or pass out cuddling), that’s sweet and pretty sexy.

7. There are No Surprises on the Dance Floor
By this point, you both know whether the other person is like a Michael Jackson-level prodigy or severely rhythmically challenged. Dancing together is fun and stress-free.


Or you both know if your preference is to instead stay by the bar and make fun of the other people dancing. Laughing and/or the right '90s R&B jam are both legitimate forms of foreplay.

8. Pretend Drama Replaces Real Drama
Instead of fighting passionately, you watch hot actors fight passionately on your mutual favorite TV show. When Friday night rolls around and all you want to do is consume a marathon of The Affair in sweatpants and that’s all your boyfriend wants to do, too, well, that’s pretty much heaven.