7 Reasons People Who Swear Make The BEST F*cking Friends

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The BEST F*cking Friends

I once had a boyfriend who made swearing into an art form, usually when driving. If someone was driving too slowly in front of him, he'd scream, "F*cking move the f*ck out of the f*cking way, you motherf*cking assh*le." It didn't matter who was in the car with him — he'd swear like that if his grandmother was seated right next to him.

It used to be that if you said someone swore like a sailor, it was a very bad thing. Now, everybody swears, some more than others. But even the most clean-speaking person will have the occasional curse word slip out.

Cursing can alleviate a tense situation or make you laugh in its ridiculousness. If you hit your head on a ceiling that was surprisingly low, you're probably going to let out an expletive, and the more creative you get with your cuss words the better.

There's a reason so many comics swear. Swearing is a universal language; we can all relate to saying bad words. It's naughty, but at the same time it's a great way to communicate without over-talking.

People who swear are the best, and as this piece on Elite Daily suggests, they also make the best friends. Hopefully, their cursing isn't so out of control that they make your mother blush.

Here's why you want people who curse as friends:

1. They won't bullsh*t you. People who swear tell it like it is (usually in very colorful ways). They don't beat around the bush when they need to say something that you may not like.

2. They're always themselves. When they're dropping F-bombs right and left, they're not worried about making a certain kind of impression. They're just who they are, not someone who tries to hide their true personalities.

3. They're not passive-aggressive. They don't do things behind your back. When they're down with the C.U.Next.Tuesday usage, they're either British (silly c*nt is a favorite of theirs, or silly tw*t), or they're very open about what they're thinking.

4. They don't hold on to negative emotions. F*ck, sh*t, bullsh*t, and damn are all fun words to say, and when you say them you burn off a lot of negativity.

5. They'll be your advocate. Swearers aren't afraid to stand up for themselves and the people close to them, and they never shy away from confrontation, so take that, you c*cksucker.

6. They're funny as hell. Sometimes just adding a sh*t or a f*ck is funny. Swear words are by their nature hilarious, and if you string them together they're even funnier.

7. They're never, ever boring. People who curse have intense emotions, creativity, and are often badasses. Who wouldn't want a friend like that? I know who: a dickhead!