4 Fun Sex Positions That'll Get You RIGHT To Her G-Spot


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For a lot of women, the G-spot acts like an internal clitoris. Some even consider it part of the clitoris. After all, the clitoral button we all know and love is just the tip of the iceberg: the clitoris is a network of nerves with legs and bulbs that extend throughout the genital area.

Whether or not it’s technically clitoral tissue, you should be aware that the G-spot is the spongy tissue surrounding the urethra that can be felt and stimulated through the front of the vaginal wall, about 2 to 3 inches inside the vagina. That’s why many women feel like they have to pee when it is stimulated — because you’re actually pressing on the urethra.


And that’s why the deep thrusting of the usual old in-out won’t cut it: a penis will slide right past it, not giving it the direct stimulation it needs. So shallow thrusting is essential with the following sex positions for your G-spot.

But remember, for some women, G-spot stimulation can be downright uncomfortable, so don’t push it. But for the lucky women out there who can have an orgasm from stimulation there alone — what’s commonly known as the vaginal orgasm — you'll want to get busy with these G-spot sex positions! 

1. The Sleeping Dog


It’s easiest to start this one in the doggy style position (her on hands and knees, him behind her). Then you both slide forward so she’s lying on her stomach with him on top, his weight evenly distributed on his arms and legs beside her on the bed. Her legs are only slightly apart because the more open her legs, the more diffuse the stimulation is likely to be. 

You guys can play around with the angle until it feels right for her — she can tilt her pelvis to help get very direct stimulation. And while the neck is nowhere near the G-spot, he should probably nibble her there: the more turned on she is, the more responsive her G-spot will be. 

Bonus points: She can lie on her own hand to give herself some frontal stimulation as well.

2. The Booty Boost


He kneels and her hips are raised up, resting on his legs. Pillows can prop her butt way up; he should grab her by the hips to help with the angle. If the bed is fairly low, he can stand on the side of it, lift her legs up by his sides so her head, neck, and back rest on the bed but her pelvis is higher and lifted up for the same effect. The key is getting her tush in the air, which helps point his penis toward the G-spot.  

3. The Tantalizing Tilt


He lies flat on his back with his knees bent and legs spread apart. She sits on top of his genital area, facing away from him, with her knees bent and her legs either inside or outside of his. She leans back, puts her arms behind her, and braces herself on her palms. She can even lie all the way back. 

By leaning back, his penis will be angled more toward the top and front of her vagina. Plus, she can move around and change the angle herself to change the intensity and figure out what is best for her G-spot. 

Bonus points: He can reach around her front to stimulate her clitoris as well. 

4. The Frisky Face-Off


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Sit facing each other, his hands behind him and knees slightly bent. She straddles him, leans back with her hands behind her, palms flat for support,  then she puts both legs over his shoulders. (But do some yoga stretches first!) She is essentially bending his erection backward and working her G-spot against it.