Why Women Hate Nice Guys (Plus, 5 Ways To Avoid The Friend Zone)

As written by a guy who's been there.

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You're fed up. You're done. Finished! You met the girl of your dreams and she won't date you because she just "wants to be friends." The next day, you find out she's dating some macho douchebag she met at the club that same night.

Deep down, you know you would treat her better than that guy (or any guy) ever could. Why doesn't she get it? Every girl in the world says they want to meet a great guy who will love them and take care of them. They want that security in life, but that doesn't mean they want someone who suffocates them emotionally.


You sit there asking yourself, "Why is she with that guy? What is wrong with me?"

Why aren't these women connecting with you? They want the good guys, but apparently feel that none are out there. Then you just picture yourself jumping up and down waving your arms shouting, "I'm right here!"

She doesn't want you. She wants a bad boy, right? You're right, many women do. But those aren't the women you need to be trying to date. We're looking for good girls who aren't greedy and who will love you for yourself.

Looks are important though, that's why we will discuss simple ways to enhance your overall appearance below. In order to attract women, you must be attractive. If you automatically think you're ugly, throw that mindset out the window or you will never meet the woman of your dreams.


Get pumped. Get confident. You're about to change the way you live and start attracting women. The nice guy rejection days are over my friend.

1. Invest in yourself.

Read more books based around your passions, dreams, and also read self-improvement books.

Education not only will sharpen your mind, but it will build your intelligence if you're reading books that actually teach you things. Invest in growing yourself through hands-on experiences. Practical experience isn't only better than reading, but it will lead to stories and experiences that you can make further conversation with on dates.

Go places, see things, and attend seminars. You must grow your mind and soul. Focus on your inner well-being. You must be at peace with yourself and live without regrets. Learn to be kind, but don't become a pushover. Stand up for what you believe in.


2. Get in shape.

You don't need fancy equipment, a gym membership, or to get jacked-up. Just start getting active. Run. Lift. Do Crossfit. Do whatever it is that you enjoy most and start getting active. This will give you energy, and it will change your confidence in unimaginable ways. It will also increase your sexual endurance.

Here are 10 quick tips to get started:

  • Start walking, running, or swimming two to three times a week.
  • Keep it simple. Pace yourself, but still push yourself to the limit.
  • Hydrate properly at least 24 hours in advance. It prevents cramps and reduces nausea.
  • Try to work your way up to at least a full 30-minute workout. This will allow your heart rate to get up to burn more calories.
  • Be sure to stretch both before and after. This will prevent injuries. You will be sore after working out, but that's expected.
  • Eat a snack about an hour prior to your workout to reduce nausea.
  • Wait at least 30 minutes post-workout before eating to cool down.
  • Lightly hydrate through your workout (if needed). Don't heavily drink any liquids right before or during your workout.
  • Find the best place and time of day that works for you.
  • Stop making excuses and make time for it. You have 168 hours in a week.

3. Start eating healthier.


Do what works best for you, and keep it simple initially to prevent withdrawals. Cut back on soda, snack foods, and candy/sugar. If you want to take it a level further, eliminate soda altogether, and work toward eliminating unhealthy fats and oils from your diet. There's plenty of info on the internet  there's no excuse for being unhealthy.

If you're making bad choices, then it's your fault and your fault only. The single most important diet change I've ever made was to switch to drinking water 95 percent of the time. (The other 5 percent is usually Gatorade in my case.) It gives me energy and enhances my workouts. I've also reduced oils, and removed most sugars and snack foods.

4. Dress sharp and improve your image.

Appearance can be everything initial attraction requires with some women. So set the right impression by implementing simple changes:

  • Properly fitting, dark-wash jeans are your most versatile pair of jeans.
  • Clean, ironed button-up shirts are your best choice for any occasion.
  • Keep your shoes clean and deodorized.
  • Maintain your facial hair, body hair, and fingernails/toenails properly.
  • Floss and brush your teeth, and follow up with mouthwash.

From top to bottom you can revamp your appearance. You can improve your image and get on the right track to attract more women naturally.

5. Clean up your life by making wise, smart decisions.

Cut back on (or even get rid of) the drugs, cigarettes, and booze. Stay out of clubs and away from bad situations. If you're friends are bad influences, then remove them from your life. Make new friends. Keep your environment clean and trash-free.


No woman likes being picked up for a date in a filthy vehicle filled with fast food wrappers. Much less showing up at your place with dirty dishes, burrito crumbs, and beer bottles rolling across the floor. You need to cleanse your life entirely (even if it's not that bad).

There are always ways to make improvements. If you're a pretty clean person and take care of your environment, then you're already a step ahead of most guys. You can then spend more time focusing on the above items to help you attract more women naturally.