7 Photos Of The Most Adorable Penis You've Ever Seen

What's that little guy up to this time?

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What does a penis do while the rest of his body is asleep? That's what the anonymous photographer behind the Tumblr site Things My Dick Does wondered. The San Francisco-based photographer decided that his penis probably did whatever he could for fun, as penises are always up for a good time.

Calling his penis Little Dude (or LD), Big Dude (for lack of a real name) started taking pictures of his penis in all kinds of hilarious costumes and situations. Since you can't have funny penis pictures and NOT share them, Things My D*ck Does was born.


Little Dude has been featured on The Huffington PostBuzzfeed, and Metro.UK to name just a few, and is currently burning up the internet. It seems pretty obvious that there will be a book at some point such as Sh*t My Dad Says, or maybe even an animated show. I don't think there's a dream that too big for Little Dude. 

While these are technically penis pics, they're much more adorable and charming than something you'd send while sexting. Little Dude is a good-natured Everyman who seems more than ready to dress up as a superhero, or dive head first into a cake. 

Here are some hilarious and somewhat charming pictures from the viral sensation, showcasing some of Little Dude's adventures and the comical situations he gets himself into.


Being festive in a holiday cup

Penis in a starbucks cup thingsmydickdoes

It's my d**k in a cup! (Instead of a box, get it?) With all this craziness about which Starbucks holiday cup is better, here's how he decided to handle the situation.


In a top hat

Penis wearing a little hat thingsmydickdoes

Hello, my baby; hello, my honey! He's happy to see his gal.


Dressing up for Halloween

Penis in mummy costume halloween thingsmydickdoes

Ooooh! Wrapped up like a mummy!


Baking a cake

A penis baking a cake with flour butter and eggs thingsmydickdoes

Little Dude is having a dough-ball.

It's ... Super Penis!

Penis dressed up as Superman thingsmydickdoes

Penis-man is here to save the day.


Dressed as Batman

Penis in a batman costume thingsmydickdoes

Batpole included.

Looking fresh in sunglasses

Penis wearing sunglasses thingsmydickdoes

The future's so bright that he's gotta wear shades.


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