How 7 Different Drugs MAJORLY Affect Your Sex Life

Do drugs make sex better?

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For every generation, a new drug or type of alcohol is thought to enhance sex. I'm almost certain that the ancient Egyptians loved to drink tea made from blue lotus flowers and then had sex. "You absolutely must try it, Cleopatra," a recent convert to sex while high on blue lotus probably said.

In an article in Vice, they've looked into what happens when you're having sex while on certain drugs and alcohol. This way, you don't have to try everything searching for that drug-induced, mind-blowing orgasm. This is what happens when you try to have sex while on any of these substances.


1. Alcohol: For some people, alcohol is a necessary component to any sexual encounter, especially for teenagers. When someone is buzzed it can make it easier for them to talk about what they want sexually, and can help with pain management.

You loosen up a lot with alcohol, but it can have effects on your brain and nervous system. It's been known to cause erectile dysfunction for men, and less sensation and a dry vagina for women. Alcohol can make for difficult orgasms for both men and women. And worst of all, alcohol increases the risk of sexual assaults and rape.

2. Cocaine and amphetamines: There are so many stories of coked-up sex episodes because cocaine and amphetamines actually have some aphrodisiac qualities. The majority of people popping, snorting, or injecting will experience some sexual intensification, as amphetamines blast our brains with dopamine (the pleasure chemical) and norepinephrine (a stamina booster) to make us feel happy, full of energy, and focused.


But they can also affect our decision-making ability. The drugs increase our heart rates and blood pleasure which can increase what we feel physically, but also delay orgasm. 

3. Marijuana: This is probably your best bet for a sex-enhancing substance. While marijuana has been known to cause erectile dysfunction and decreased fertility, it does increase sensation which can add to the pleasure of sex. While it can make you paranoid, it can also make you relaxed and happy, and all about pleasing your partner.

4. Ecstasy or Molly: When it's pure MDMA, it can cause feelings of euphoria and empathy. But more often than not, Molly is a random mix of chemicals that mimic the effects of MDMA. They're stimulants that cause euphoric highs and can also cause rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, sweating, and can prevent the body from regulating temperature.

While users may experience emotional closeness, they don't necessarily feel aroused and want penetrative sex, which is good because the drug can cause erectile dysfunction.


5. Psychedelics and dissociatives: The thing that LSD, DMT, ketamine, and PCP have in common is that they're all unpredictable and have a huge effect on the human brain. LSD is too distracting, DMT makes you immobilized, and PCP and ketamine hit the deep brain to make sex not a priority.

Depending on who you are, where you are, and what state of mind you're in, you're going to have a completely different hallucinogenic sex experience. Psychedelics can be useful for finding a new spark in a long-term couple, and studies suggest that you're more likely to have good sex with someone you're comfortable with.

6. Poppers (Nitrates): These can relax your body and are said to give you a short but intense rush, making you extremely aroused. They're often associated with gay male sex as they relax not just the blood vessels, but all the soft tissues, including the anus and sphincter (which is especially good for those into anal).

They do pose risks for people with certain medical conditions, and while they do mix well with certain drugs — medicines for erectile dysfunction — medications can cause a huge blood pressure drop, leading to fainting or worse.


7. Heroin: Heroin and other opiates don't go so well with hot and heavy sex, as they usually take away your sex drive and make it nearly impossible to achieve orgasm (if you do rouse yourself enough to have sex). But more often than not, they just lay you out in a stupor. No one brags about their use in regards to intercourse.

In the end, sober sex may be your best bet because there are many different things you can to enhance it without risking your life.