There's A Special Place In Hell For Husbands Who Bang Their Nannies

A word of advice for Ben Affleck.

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So, it turns out that Ben Affleck is that guy. Which guy? The guy that bangs the nanny.

After separating from Jennifer Garner, rumors are circulating that he's been dating their former nanny. Also, it might have started before he and Garner decided to call it quits.

Look, don't cheat on your wife. That's always wrong, but this is sort of thing is just gross. Don't date the nanny.

First, this is the person you and your wife hired to take care of your children. I'm sure it's a coincidence that the person you hired to watch your kids is also someone you want to have sex with.


I’m sure she was still the most qualified applicant. Also, I'm sure your ex-wife feels super good about helping to introduce you two. She thought she hired a nanny, but apparently, she helped you find a replacement wife.

It's creepy to be that guy. It's the same reason why you don't hit on a waitress, or any girl who's at work. People have to be nice when they're at work, especially when dealing with someone who has power over them.

No, the waitress probably doesn't think you're funny; she's just laughing because if you don't like her, you can complain to her boss. Sure, you might think there's some chemistry there, but she's probably thinking, "I can't wait to not be at work anymore."


Except, it's even worse because you're actually her boss. When a customer hits on you, you can just smile and wait for them to leave. If your boss is hitting on you, you feel like you have to just deal with it.

Being the boss who hits on his workers is a creepy thing to be. Hiring a nanny isn't like hiring a mechanic. I'm not my mechanic's boss; he has other customers.

For a lot of nannies, they only have one client. So, if she doesn't laugh at his dumb jokes and smile when he walks in the room, she might not be able to pay the bills.

Those are all the reasons why us normal guys shouldn't date the nanny. It's even worse for people like Ben Affleck to do this. Ultimately, it’s just lazy. Look at his dating history — he's always done pretty good.


His nanny works in his house. What, Ben Affleck can't be bothered to put on some nice pants and go outside to find some loving? I really doubt Ben Affleck would have to go all that far to find somebody who loves him.

In all honesty, he could probably just go to nearest gas station or convenience store and just hang out until someone shows up for him. That's really too much work for Mr Affleck?