Cat People Are Smarter Than Dog People, Says Science

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Cat People Are Smarter Than Dog People

I can't believe there are people on earth who don't like cats, and yet I know some of them. It's very difficult for me to wrap my brain around anyone not being into cats. Cats are beautiful, loving animals who are super fun. My boyfriend and I also suspect that our cats have a sense of humor as well.

While I believe you shouldn't have to choose if you're a cat person or a dog person, if I was forced to choose, I'm a cat person. Self-identifying cat people tend to have some of the same personality traits, and this is also true for dog people.

Here are just a few reasons why cat people reign supreme over dog people:

1. They're smarter. In a study lead by Denise Guastello, associate professor of psychology at Carroll University in Wisconsin, she found that cat owners scored higher on an intelligence test than dog owners.

2. They're more open-minded. Cat people can see beyond the superficial. Cats can be a little stand-offish or scared at first, but a true cat person can coax the fun-loving affectionate part of the cat out.

3. They're more sensitive. All the nurturing that comes with being a Cat Whisperer pays off in life, too.

4. They're non-conformist. Cat people march to the beat of their own drummer, rather than blend in with those around them.

5. They're great at solving mysteries. As your cat's human, it's your job to figure why they suddenly don't like their food or pee outside of their litter boxes. Sometimes these behaviors are indicative of a serious medical condition, and sometimes your cat is trying to teach you a lesson (like to buy better quality cat foods).

6. They're introverted. Dog people have to go out each day and walk their dog, while cat people are perfectly happy staying home, reading, watching Netflix and spending time with their cat companion. There are health benefits for all pet owners; everyone knows that petting or showing affection can help lower blood pressure and relieve stress.

7. They're patient. You have to be patient when dealing with a cat. Cats can sense when you want them to do something unpleasant, like going to the vet or taking a pill, and will hide so far under the bed that there's no way of reaching them. Sometimes you just have to wait it out.

8. They're accommodating. When you're a cat person, you're perfectly happy sitting still so the cat sleeping on your legs isn't disturbed, or saving that cardboard box until your cat has explored every inch of it.

For more information on the difference in personalities between cat and dog people, watch the video below:

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It doesn't matter if you're a cat, dog, or ferret person —howing any kind of care and love to another living creature is a very good thing.

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