This Star Wars Pop-Tart Is The Best Thing To EVER Happen To You

May the sugary force be with you.

star wars pop tart

What's the best sugary breakfast bar ever created in the history of breakfast bars? Pop-Tarts, of course. There's so many flavors to choose from aside from boring ol' strawberry frosted. From Oreo to pumpkin spice, how can you not love Pop-Tarts?

Recently, a new kind of Pop-Tart has appeared, but it’s not just any one. A "Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite" Pop-Tart was recently discovered, and it's every Star Wars fan's dream come true. Just look at it.



It looks way too good to eat. Which is good, because you can't eat it. Unfortunately, this pop art Pop-Tart is a collectible created by Falcon Toys, a toy store, and go for $30 each.

The toymaker says, "This toy/art is meant for adult collectors and not suitable for children." Bummer.


Sadly (a tragedy really), only 15 toys were made and sold out before you could say, "Chewie, we're home." But, who knows? With Star Wars: The Force Awakens  coming in December, maybe the Han Solo frozen in Carbonite Pop-Tart will make a comeback. And maybe this time you can eat it?