The Most Attractive People In The United States Live In THIS City

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Most Attractive People In The United States
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Can you guess?

Ever wonder where the most attractive men and women live in the United States? Maybe you think Southern charm is super-sexy, or that tanned bods on the west coast are sizzling. But if you really want to know — statistically — which states have the best looking people, look no further.

Clover is a streamlined dating service that matches people with other users nearby. The app also suggests first date spots based on distance and price. What a great way to find a spectacular first date location that stands out from the rest.

Clover analyzed the data of its users to see which cities and states have the most and least attractive people. Since mutual attraction is at the base of successful relationships, Clover developed a "scoring system" that can accurately figure out a person's level of attractiveness.

So, what did they find?

The data revealed that the most attractive women live in Connecticut, while the least attractive women live in Mississippi. The most attractive men live in Montana, and the least attractive live in Rhode Island.

As for cities, Manhattan has the most attractive women, while Oklahoma City has the least attractive. And for men, Jacksonville, FL is home to the most attractive men, while Sunnyvale, CA has the least attractive.

Wow. That's ... not what we were expecting at all.

Even more surprising, women from Manhattan are two times more attractive than the "national average," and men from Jacksonville are 70 percent more attractive than the "national average." (If you aren't convinced yet that you should move to the east coast...)

Check out the infographic below and see if your city or state made the cut:

Infographic: Clover