Men Are Using FRUIT To Show How To Properly Finger A Woman

You'll never look at a papaya the same way ever again.

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The female orgasm is like a mystery island: some have no idea how to get there, while others have no idea on how to get off.

The guys over at Simple Pickup (a YouTube channel designed to prove that any guy can attract women) created a video to help men with the ancient art of fingering, because some guys don't know if they're doing it right.

There are a number of helpful hints and techniques in the video, starting off with clipping your nails. Though they don't outright say it, your fingers should be clean, too. Another necessity is to make sure the vagina is wet either with lube, saliva, or — best of all — her own natural juices.


Don't just jam your fingers in! Get to know the clit and be aware of what the woman responds to. Does she prefer softer motions like gentle circles on and around her clit?

There's a lot of focus on clitoral stimulation, which is always helpful, and some vaginal/finger interplay. But the viewer is cautioned, "If she's bleeding, you're doing it wrong, or the sex gods hate you and it's that time of the month."

Check out the entire video below:



You might not look at a papaya the same way ever again.