Back To The Future Day! What Predictions Came True On Oct 21, 2015

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Back to the Future Day 2015

"2015? You mean we're in the future?" Well, Marty McFly, it's no longer the future.

In case you've been living under an isolated rock since the movie's release in 1989, we'll fill you in. In Back to the Future Part II, Doc Brown and Marty McFly use their time traveling DeLorean and come visit us in the year 2015: October 21, 2015 to be exact.


So, let's talk about some things the movie got right and wrong about this year we are living in.

1. Hover cars: Prediction

This is the one prediction we all really wanted to be true. We have little cars, motorcycles, and cars that we can plug in. And while they do have some hover crafts, unfortunately, there's no such thing as a flying car ... at least not right now.


2. Hoverboards: Reality

As of right now, we have water jets that allow you to basically hover over water (assuming you can keep your balance), and we have "Hoverboards" that have two wheels and allow you get around by balancing. But let's not forget that there are hoverboards like the ones in Back to the Future out there that inventors are perfecting. Montreal inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru broke the world record in May for the longest hoverboard flight.


3. Jaws 19: Prediction

While there (thankfully) isn't a Jaws 19 (or even close to it), we do need to give props to Universal Pictures who posted a fake trailer for the movie on YouTube. That's dedication and pure brilliance.


4. Correct weather forecasts: Reality (for the most part)

When it comes to the weather, we would all love nothing more than to be able to make it stop raining. But we do have the next best thing: the ability to predict the weather. True, we can't get it right 100 percent of the time, but the meteorologists are pretty accurate, and some weather apps can tell you when it will rain down to the hour.


5. Self-fitting clothing: Prediction

Some might say this really isn't that big of a deal; we can just buy clothes in the proper size. But haven't you ever found an outfit you loved, but didn't fit in the size you usually get? And the next size up was too big and the one down was too small? Imagine being able to buy it anyway and having it shape perfectly to you. However, no such thing exists.


6. Female president: Well ...

As of October 21st, there will not have been a female president. That being said, we do have female candidates, so who knows?

7. Video conferencing: Reality

Skype, FaceTime, Facebook video call, Google Hangouts ... I think it's safe to say they nailed this one.

8. The Cubs winning the World Series: ???

The World Series is rapidly approaching and the Cubs are still in the running. Just saying. No pressure or anything, Cubs.


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