5 Cringey Facts About Ronda Rousey’s Husband Travis Browne

We really need to talk about his WIFE and those pesky domestic violence accusations...

Rousey and Browne @rondarousey / @travisbrownemma

Untouchable UFC warlord (warlady?) and all-around invincible badass Ronda Rousey has a new husband: UFC Heavyweight Travis Browne. Browne initially confirmed the relationship rumors by announcing on "The MMA Hour Live" that their relationship blossomed over the summer of 2015 and, in his words, "She's my woman and I am her man." (Very Tarzan of him.) 

Ronda and Travis got married in Hawaii in August of 2017.


There’s just one tiny problem (and it's not whether or not he'll last longer in bed than her average Pay-Per-View bout) … he maybe kinda sorta probably beat his wife Jenna Renee Webb, at least according to Webb herself who is a Florida-based fitness model


I know, I know. Innocent until proven guilty and all. Not to mention history is littered with examples of people who passed self-righteous judgment on others without knowing the whole truth.

Still, the photos are a little scary.

And IF the domestic violence accusations are true, we’re concerned and a little disappointed that an icon of female strength and empowerment is hooking up with a man who couldn’t even respect his own wife.


Of course, we HOPE they’re not true, but not knowing can be unsettling. It constantly makes you wonder “what if.”

Here’s what we know:

1. Travis Browne was temporarily suspended by the UFC because of those photos above.

Browne was suspended from July 15 to August 28, pending an investigation. He was eventually reinstated when the investigators found “inconclusive evidence” to warrant further punishment.

2. Oh … the investigation that cleared him? It was done internally by the UFC.

So take those results with any grains of salt you may have lying around.

Of the results of the investigation, Webb said in an interview: “I told them the truth, I gave them photos, I gave them a dated and detailed journal, and how they came up with those results is beyond belief. The investigator got this info and helped the UFC come to this conclusion. My family and I are totally baffled.”


@rondarousey / @travisbrownemma

3. His wife is now planning to press charges.

While Webb may have been hoping Browne’s employer would hand down some form of punishment, she says she’s going to pursue legal options now.

4. He’s got 12 inches and 100 pounds on Rousey.

As much as you’d want to believe Rousey could hold her own, math is a cold arbiter.


5. He’s was still married to his accuser while he was dating Ronda.

So … uhhh … there’s that.