7 Unfortunate Signs Your Crush Is A Total Dud In Bed

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By Sujeiry Gonzalez

I’ve had bad sex numerous times. One ex-boyfriend treated my vag like a hole in the wall — and he went drilling! Another confused it with my butthole (ouch!).

But my worst sexual experience was with my ex: he lacked passion and desire, and was so lazy that he always wanted me on top.

Unfortunately, I had lackluster sex for years. What can I say? I was blinded by fear. I didn’t want to become a solterona!

You don't have to suffer the same fate. How do you know your hombre will be bad in bed? A few studies may just have the answer: 

1. He watches a lot of porn

Most men love porn. However, if he can’t get it on without a porn flick in the background (bow chicka wow wow!), the sex might just suck.

study concluded that watching porn excessively causes a surge in dopamine which eventually re-wires the brain. The more porn he watches, the more likely he will desensitize to pleasure. Over time, he’ll lose interest in sex — or you’ll have to bend like a pretzel to turn him on. 

2. He has a big neck: 

Although a thick neck could be considered manly, it might also indicate that he’s a terrible lover. A 2013 study discovered that men with larger necks are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction than men with skinny necks. If his neck's circumference is over 16.3 inches, he may not be able to get it up.

So the next time you meet a man don’t look at his feet or manos, check out the size of his neck. If it’s as skinny as a giraffe's, you’re in business!

3. He has sleep apnea: 

Those who suffer from sleep apnea stop breathing for a few seconds while they’re asleep. It causes snoring and studies have also correlated sleep apnea with low sexual desire.

In 2009, a study even discovered that 70 percent of men diagnosed with sleep apnea also had erectile dysfunction. This is due to a lack of testosterone, which rises with sleep and decreases when we don’t sleep enough. 

4. He’s circumcised: 

The next time you meet a man, ask him if he’s circumcised. It may just affect how great he is in bed!

In a new survey, 5,000 men and women discussed their sexual experiences. Circumcised men reported liking rough sex, as they’ve developed skin on the penis head due. This skin decreases sexual sensitivity, hence the need for rapid sex.

Circumcised men were also three times more likely to struggle with reaching orgasm. If he’s not ejaculating, it might affect his male ego, and you might not be sexually satisfied.

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5. He has a large waist: 

You see that guy with the gut and thick waist? He won’t please you in between the sheets.

According to Dr. Irwin Goldstein, men with a waist size of 40-inches or larger have a higher risk of hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and erectile dysfunction. He may also have a low-level of testosterone, which causes a low libido. No sex for you!

6. His index to ring finger ratio: 

Get with an hombre with a long ring finger! Studies show that this indicates a high libido. If he has a high ring-finger to index-finger ratio, he was exposed to high levels of testosterone in his mami’s womb. This means he'll be raring to go — in bed! 

7. He is always in a bad mood: 

If your guy is always nagging or in a bad mood, sex will be a drag. A bad attitude kills our energy level and high spirits. Serious cases of depression can even cause anhedonia, a condition that makes it difficult to enjoy and feel pleasure, even during sex.

Lesson here: pass on Grumpy Gus or have bad sex forever! 

This article was originally published at Latina. Reprinted with permission from the author.