How To Tell Him He's Bad In Bed

bad in bed

Mike Alvear wrote a two-part series on how to tell a man or a woman he or she is bad in bed. For dudes, he suggests they repeatedly ask their ladies what she likes in bed in hopes she'll get the hint and ask what he likes. He also advises bringing up the conversation casually while reading the morning paper (not in bed and definitely not just after sex), and telling a woman what you want more of and not less of. For women, he makes the same suggestions, but advises them to have their conversation side-by-side and not face-to-face since, he says, men are intimidated by eye contact. His advice is OK, but it's a little passive-aggressive. I get that it's a fine line to tiptoe, but with a gentle touch a little constructive criticism never killed a guy. After the jump, five ways to let your guy know his "skills" leave a little to be desired. Read: Good Advice On Bad Sex Advice

1. Tell him what you like
Forget about asking what he likes and hoping he gets the hint. There'll be time to focus on his needs later. Right now, you need to let him know exactly what you like. Tell him when you're naked/in bed/making out—whatever. Telling him over breakfast with the morning paper makes it seem like you've been thinking about it and waiting for the perfect time to broach the subject. Telling him when you're getting physical seems like a natural extension of foreplay — a tamer kind of dirty talk. Saying: "I really like having neck gently kissed and sucked on" while you seductively run your forefinger along your throat down to your collarbone is hot. How's a guy gonna take offense to that?

2. Show him what you like
Whenever you're able, give him a demonstration of what you like by doing it to him or doing it to yourself while he watches. Using your lesson as part of foreplay will get a guy worked up in the best possible way.

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