'Stride Of Pride' And 12 Other BETTER Ways To Say 'Walk Of Shame'


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The Walk of Shame is dead — just check out Amber Rose's Funny or Die video, The Walk of No Shame. Women everywhere are having sex, loving it, and heading home in the morning like it ain't no thing.

So we're renaming the Walk of Shame. Take your pick among the choices below and strut your stuff next time your morning commute takes a different route than anticipated.

1. Stride of Pride

No shame here.


2. Post-Coitus Catwalk

Borrow his sweats to pair with last night’s heels. It’s athleisure!

3. Victory Lap

You warmed up, killed the main event, and scored. Time to celebrate!

4. After-Sex Saunter

Keeping it sexy, NBD.

5. Morning Cardio

The perfect cool-down after an all-night romp.

6. Personal Parade

You don’t need a holiday to have a parade, just a great night.

7. The Booty-Call Bounce

You had fun last night, but it doesn’t mean you have to stick around for eggs.

8. Trek of Triumph

Score: You - 1, Haters – 0

9. Round 2

Still sexy. Still winning.

10. Encore

Give the people what they want.

11. Single-Lady Strut


Beyoncé's got your back.

12. Bringing Home the Bacon

To be fair, this only works if you grab breakfast sandwiches on the way.

13. A Walk Home

So you got lucky last night. That’s awesome. But who says we have to call that magical morning walk home anything but that? It should be no bigger deal than running out to grab groceries or hitting the gym — nothing that requires a special announcement.