6 Pro Tips For A Downright GLAMOROUS Walk Of Shame

There's NO need for this to be messy ...

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We’ve all done it (or will do) it at some point in our lives. While I don't like to call it that (because I believe that a woman who makes a conscious decision to have sex is in charge of her own life and has nothing to be ashamed of), the name has edged its way into popular culture. And we seem to be stuck with it. However, there's no reason to take that strut looking like something the cat dragged in.


While historically this walk has been done with eyes cast down, embarrassment flowing out of your pores, makeup remnants smear all over your disheveled clothes, it DOESN'T have to be that way. It's time to own it and make it look glamorous.

No need to slink passed people you encounter on your way out the door because you're certain they know you either just had a one-night stand. No reason to hide in fear of their judgment or prying eyes. Aside from the fact that what you did the night before falls into the "none of your business" category, a little prior planning can make your walk of shame anything but lame.


Preparation is crucial. If you don’t come prepared, you're asking for disaster on MANY levels. If you come prepared and don’t spend the night with anyone, no worries. No one will notice, so don't worry about looking obvious. 

The first thing you need to do is invest in a stylish (but functional) medium-sized purse or bag. If you want to carry a cocktail purse on your date or to your event, keep a larger purse in your car or check it with coat check.

Then place the six following items in the large purse:

1. Travel-sized Toothbrush & Toothpaste

It's always wise to have one of these in your purse. Sometimes you just need to brush your teeth after a garlic filled meal and/or the morning after.


2. Face Wipes (To Remove Makeup)

These come in travel sizes as well and are perfect for taking off makeup before sleep or in the morning so you're not heading home looking like a clown or raccoon.

3. Makeup

Once you've used the wipes mentioned above, use the make up in your bag for a little touch up to look fresh in the morning. No need to bring your entire Clinique collection. Just some basics to keep you looking your best.

4. Condoms, Condoms, CONDOMS

Yes. I know, we are responsible for 99 percent of the contraception methods on the planet. It's unfair for us to be responsible for the condoms too. But that’s life. If you bring your own, no man can play the "I don’t have any because I wasn’t expecting to have sex" card to try to entice you into having sex without one. Better to bring your own and be responsible for your own sexual health than do an entirely different type of walk to the clinic for antibiotics ... or a pregnancy test.


5. A Small Hairbrush, Travel-Sized Hairspray And A Hair Tie

Bed head affects us whether we sleep alone or with someone. However, a night of wild sex can make us look like Medusa the next morning. Bring these items to you can throw your hair up in an easy pony tail.

6. Flip flops

That's right, I said flip flops. You can get them at the Dollar Store. You may love to wear your sexy heals for your date, or to your event, but no one wants aching feet early in the morning. Flip flops go with everything today, so use them in the morning as you make your graceful exit.

Remember that simple clothes can be sexy clothes. If you are meeting your date at his house or someplace private try a simple black dress that can be worn in the morning with the flip flops for a casual look. No one coming out of an elevator at 8 AM wearing an evening gown ever fooled anyone. 


Also, keep in mind that whether you're traveling, meeting someone interesting or seeing someone steady at home — a real gentleman will not kick you out of bed in the middle of the night and tell you to hit the bricks. So there is no reason why you can’t be prepared with your bag to make yourself look glamorous the next morning.

You might not have time to take a shower at his place but you can certainly freshen up and look like a confident woman instead of trying to get out of the building without being seen.

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