8 Things EVERY Woman Should Know How To Do ... With Her Tongue

It's more than just lip service.

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The tongue is a magical organ. It can utter a Shakespearean sonnet, or perform acts that I could only describe with porn website category tags. Both are equally beautiful.

And I'd like to think even Shakespeare would agree that the language of love is written in blow jobs. Everybody is trying to get into each other's pants in his plays.

But for all the pleasure the tongue can bring to our bedrooms, there's always room for improvement in oral sex. It's common knowledge that it takes at least 10,000 hours to master a skill. So pick up a few of these tips and get to practicing.


1. Tease the tip of his penis.

The head of the penis is SUPER sensitive. Teasing him by doing circles near the top or licking directly under the "hood" will have him begging for more. Just remember that sensitivity is a double-edged sword. After he finishes, stimulation in this area can be painful.

2. Tickle his nipples.

Just because men can't breastfeed, many say that male nipples serve no purpose. Don't believe these lies. On the contrary, they can be just as sensitive and pleasurable as yours. You can try anything that works for you on your man.

Licking around the outer edges of the areola or flicking them with your tongue are a couple go-to options.


3. Slowly work your way up from the bottom.

You don't always have to use your whole mouth. Licking from the base of the penis and SLOWLY working your way up to the tip will work wonders. For bonus points, put him in your mouth once you've reached the top.

4. Create suction.

There's a reason it's called "sucking d*ck." Just running your mouth and lips loosely over his penis isn't going to accomplish much compared to applying a little suction. It makes everything feel "tighter" and creates more stimulation. Those are both good things, if you're keeping score.

5. Nibble on his earlobe.

Earlobes are another erogenous zone that you may be overlooking. Conveniently located near the neck and lips, earlobes are easy to incorporate into your macking skills. A flick of the tongue or a nibble is all it takes.


6. Talk dirty.

Sometimes your hips do the talking; sometimes your lips do the talking. Your tongue is the conduit to the biggest erogenous zone of them all: his brain.

Whether you make it up on the spot or steal a line from porn, it doesn't matter. Sprinkling in a few naughty words here and there is a surefire way to turn up the heat of the moment.

7. Pay attention to his balls.

They're not the sexiest part of his body, but they need love, too. Kissing them, licking them, or putting them in your mouth are all viable options.


They feel good on their own, but it's also about the proximity to his penis. It's probably similar to how you'd enjoy being kissed on the inner thigh.

8. Moan to create vibrations.

The lost art of the "hummer," nothing says horny like conveying that you're turned on by going down on him. Plus, the vibration creates some extra stimulation. The sexiest trait in the bedroom is enthusiasm.