Has Hookup Culture RUINED My Chances Of Finding True Love Online?

Here's how you can still find long-term love on dating sites and apps.

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You probably know a happy couple or two who met online. In fact, a 2010 Stanford survey confirms that 10 million married couples in America met that way, making runing into the love of your life in line at the local coffee shop a far less likely scenario. 


But that survey is from 2010 and a lot has changed about the way people now approach online dating — mainly, the rise of the infamous "hookup culture" on sites and apps like Tinder, Grindr, etc. 

So how likely is it these days to find a real relationship and lasting love through online dating sites

YourTango host and Senior VP Melanie Gorman asked our Experts for their best advice and insights on the topic. Weighing in was relationship and communication expert Fiona Fine; matchmaker and dating coach Jasbina Ahluwalia; author and dating coach Gregg Michaelsen; and notable biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher.


Our Experts agree — online dating is still one of the most powerful and viable tools for finding a compatible spouse.

"Online dating is an extremely powerful tool in finding a long-term committed relationship," says Jasbina Ahluwalia. "The key here is to use online dating as a tool, and the master of that tool is your goal of a long-term relationship. Don't let the tool itself basically transform your goal." 

As for whether people are more interested in real relationships or casual hookups online, Dr. Helen Fisher reassures us that only about 10 percent are just looking for sex. "It's amazing how earnest people are on the internet and how they really are looking for a long time partnership." 

So, how do you navigate the online dating world if a spouse is your ultimate goal? In the video above, the Experts tackle that from the following angles: 

  • How many people you should meet before you pick one to get to know better
  • The downside of choice overwhelm and FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • Why fun in dating still matters even when you're looking for a serious relationship
  • The importance of picking the right site or app to join based on your relationship goal 
  • How to express your desire for a long-term relationship upfront without scaring anyone off

The bottom line — you can still find your "forever love" online IF you approach online dating with the right mindset and the right expectations. Watch the video above to help get your online dating approach in order. And if you feel like you need help finding "the one," reach out to one of the Experts on the panel for additional guidance.

And then get out there and have fun dating!