Why You Should NEVER Make Your Bed, Says Science

The reason is gross — but we'll get behind it anyway.

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After all of those years of getting in trouble for not making the bed, you may be able to get some praise for your laziness. The Loop found that it's actually better not to make your bed for the entire day. Neat freaks please try to stay calm! 

Why should we keep our bed messy? Well, it's because of "the mighty house dust mite." Although they're microscopic, they're fierce! The Loop notes that our bed "can be home to 1.5 million of them."


How do these little creatures pose a danger for us? They enjoy feasting on the skin cells that flake off our bodies while we're sleeping. Even more gross, "The allergens they produce (which are actually the mites' poop) are easily inhaled during sleep and are a major cause of illnesses like asthma. They don't exactly help dust allergies, either."

When we wake up in the morning to make our beds, these lovely skin flakes (mixed with sweat) are trapped in the sheets. There's no chance for the sheets to air out, therefore the dust mites are able to continue to feed on our skin particles all day while growing with the moisture from our sweat.



"Something as simple as leaving a bed unmade during the day can remove moisture from the sheets and mattress so the mites will dehydrate and eventually die," suggests Dr. Stephen Pretlove of Kingston University's School of Architecture.

Furthermore, experts recommend leaving the bed unkempt for the entire day. Most likely "by that point, many of the mites will have died an unceremonious death. Good riddance, you gross little things."

But wouldn't a good old fluffing of the sheets before you make the bed help get rid of these nasty mites as well?