We Do Not Like Looking At This Photo Of A "Skinned" Watermelon

Photo: YouTube

Add this to your list of things that make you SUPER uncomfortable.

Mark Rober recently uploaded a video to his YouTube account that's making eyes dilate around the country. No, it isn't a video of anything gross ... it's a video of a completely skinned watermelon.

No. Just ... no. I love watermelon just as much as the next fruit fanatic, but seriously, what the f*ck?

Rober explains how to achieve the "party trick."

The first step is to use two almost-identical watermelons. After cutting the skin off of one watermelon, there's still a rough exterior on the fruit. So, to get that super-smooth look? Use dish scrubbing pads, of course.

Once you do that, completely gut the second watermelon, cutting it up like you normally would. This watermelon can actually be eaten, since you definitely won't want to eat the skinned one.

Yes, you can eat the watermelon horse pill (which is apparently easier to eat because there's no rind), but like ... why would you want to?

Reassemble the smooth alien egg ... I mean ... "watermelon," and voila! You're ready to creep out your partygoers.

If this is a "party" trick, then I do NOT want to be at that party.

You can watch the full video below:


H/T: Buzzfeed