Study Reveals Women Are Least Attracted To Men With THIS Hair Color

Photo: WeHeartIt

Who knew?

It turns out that blondes may not have all the fun ... Male blondes, that is.

According to the patent-pending "Dating-For-Dollars" website, WhatsYourPrice.com, blonde men haven't scored as many dates as dark-haired men this summer. The site allows bidding and paying for first dates, so if you're looking for a rich date, this is a good site for you.

Using data from more than 145,000 of their members, WhatsYourPrice.com discovered the following:

  • Brown-haired men top the list at 10 dates a month.
  • In second place are black-haired men with seven dates a month.
  • Grey-haired men average six dates a month.
  • Red-haired men average four dates a month.
  • And the lowest spot goes to blonde-haired men, with an average of only three dates a month.

CEO Brandon Wade says that this low number may be due to stereotypes.

"As the old saying goes 'blondes have more fun,'" he said in the press release e-mailed to YourTango. "Those who are taking their dating life seriously are probably steering away from this type of guy for fear that they're just looking for a summer fling."

But a study done by The Scandinavian Journal of Psychology revealed that although more men tend to approach blonde women in clubs, women were more likely to accept slow dance offers from dark-haired men, rather than blonde men, according to another study published in Psychological Studies.

Does this mean dating among blonde men has taken a dark turn?