Why This Woman Lit Her Boyfriend's Penis On Fire

Things got heated. Literally.

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Nobody likes to be cheated on. I don't think there's anyone on earth who says, "Cool, the person I'm involved with is having sex with someone else, without my permission."

Nobody likes to be made a fool of in that way, but it can create a number of responses, such as anger, sadness, confusion, and disbelief.

Being cheated on is intense. Sometimes relationships can recover from it, and sometimes not. But how you handle the situation is up to you. 


So, when this woman found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her, she decided that the best revenge would be to light her boyfriend's penis on fire.

Oh, and she took a video of it. Yes, really. You can watch it here. Notice how she doesn't seem to waver at all if this is the right action to take:

What makes this go beyond anger and vindictiveness is that she used nail polish remover as an accelerant, and she filmed the whole thing.  

As her now ex (I assume, as it would be pretty difficult to get past someone lighting your crotch on fire) works to put the flame out, the woman screams, "You cheating on me with my f*cking co-worker. You didn't think I was going to find out?"


Before he has time to dress the wound or go to the emergency room, she demands, "Get your sh*t and get the f*ck out."

I'm reminded of the old movie Waiting to Exhale. In the film, the character of Bernadine (played by Angela Bassett) is cheated on and dumped by her husband. In a fit of rage, Bernadine takes all her husband's clothes, puts them in his expensive car, and lights the whole thing on fire.

Compared to a woman lighting her boyfriend's penis on fire, burning a car almost seems like a sane response to heartbreak.

I hope setting her boyfriend's manhood on fire made her feel better, because at the very least he'll sue her for damages. And she could quite possibly do jail time.